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high roller

Someone known for spending or gambling large amounts of money. The back room at the casino was reserved exclusively for high rollers willing to play for big stakes. Jack was known as a real high roller, impressing everyone with his expensive cars, flashy jewelry, and nice clothes.
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roller coaster

A series or period of drastic changes that occur without warning. After she graduated from college, her life became a roller coaster filled with ups and downs as she tried to establish herself as a fashion designer.
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roller coaster ride

A series or period of drastic changes that occur without warning. After she graduated from college, her life became a roller coaster ride filled with ups and downs as she tried to establish herself as a fashion designer.
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pill roller

slang Someone, especially a medical doctor, who is authorized to prescribe medication. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. Being a psychiatrist is about a whole lot more than being a pill roller—medication should be the very last resort when treating a patient. You shouldn't go to some pill roller every time you have a cough. You're body doesn't need all those drugs in it.
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1. noun Someone or something that holds immense, irresistible, and merciless force or power. Alluding to the unstoppable nature of a literal steamroller. The country's huge military has become a steamroller, wiping out nearly every other country in the region. The team's defensive tackle is an absolute steamroller, pushing offensive linemen aside like they were children.
2. verb To move forward with destructive, crushing force. The tank just steamrollered through the town, smashing everything in its path.
3. To progress with relentless, overpowering force. The unlikely political candidate has steamrollered through the elections, eliminating every opponent that has stood in her way.
4. To cause something to be accepted, passed, adopted, etc., by relentless, overpowering force. The political party is trying to steamroller the legislation through Congress.

*awkward as a cow on a crutch

 and *awkward as a cow on roller skates
very clumsy or off balance. (*Also: as ~.) When Lulu was overweight, she was awkward as a cow on a crutch. Tom will never be a gymnast. He's as awkward as a cow on roller skates!
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high roller

Fig. a gambler who bets heavily. They welcomed me at the casino because I had the same name as one of their high rollers.
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a roller-coaster ride

If you describe an experience as a roller-coaster ride, you mean that parts of it were very good and parts of it were very bad. Markets on both sides of the Atlantic have had a roller coaster ride over the past five days. The past week was an emotional roller-coaster ride for these people.
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a roller-coaster ride

an experience in which circumstances change rapidly and in a volatile manner from one extreme to another.
2004 BBC News: Business Shares have been on a rollercoaster ride, with US shares plunging and then recovering twice over.
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high roller

n. a big gambler who risks much money; anyone who takes risks. (Refers to rolling dice.) Rocko is a high roller and isn’t afraid to lose some money.
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and pill-roller and pill-peddler
n. a nickname for a physician. I went to the infirmary, but the pill-pusher wasn’t in. The lousy pill-roller just gave me some aspirin.




n. a police car. There are rollers in the next block, driving slow, looking for someone.


tv. to force something to be approved; to force something to happen. He plans to steamroller this bill through Congress, but it just won’t work.
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