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1. noun A loud expulsion of digestive gas through the mouth; a noisy belch. I let out a tremendous rolf after drinking all that soda.
2. verb To expel digestive gas noisily through one's mouth; to belch. Could you not rolf like that at the dinner table, please? It makes me sick.
3. verb To vomit. The sight of all that blood nearly made me rolf. The dog started rolfing up the bits of chicken I'd given it.

rolf up

slang To vomit something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "rolf" and "up." The dog started rolfing up the bits of chicken I'd given it. The sight of all that blood nearly made me rolf my lunch up.
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Rolfe. 'I believe that Atreca has a novel and promising approach to drug discovery, which the company is using to build a pipeline of differentiated product candidates with the potential to address serious unmet medical need in solid tumor cancers, and I look forward to working with the team to bring those therapies to patients.'
Mr Ram added: "The whole site has two buildings and it comes to 22,000 The fire at Rolfe Street in Smethwick sq ft.
Flames were seen bursting from the roof of a disused factory in Rolfe Street as roads surrounding it were closed
We look particularly at evidence from our own recent focus group research with Leave and Remain supporters to explore the underlying principles to economic concerns, which include considerations of entitlement and contribution (Rolfe et al., 2018).
"Those with a history of pancreatic cancer in the immediate family must begin the path to early detection by talking to a doctor or genetic counselor," said Rolfe. "We hope families have these important health discussions while gathering throughout the holiday season."
Paul said: "The new branch makes an important moment of the growth for the Paul Rolfe team.
Panych worked on the libretto for a time and submitted it to Rolfe completed.
The buck was recovered, and the massive set of antlers now graces the wall of the hunter's grandson, Joe Cooper Rolfe, in Oak Ridge.
The footage captured on a headcam worn by Andy Rolfe shows the Team Sky coach forcing him on to a grass verge as sped past during the Welsh stage of the Tour of Britain.
"We're going to use every tool that we can to collect support that is due to children and families, and that's why this initiative is being pursued," said Janece Rolfe, a spokeswoman for the Child Support Division, in an interview last week.
It is understood the victim suffered serious knife injuries to his throat during the alleged attack which Det Insp Vanessa Rolfe of Kirklees CID confirmed took place inside the 24-hour supermarket.
JCI Production Manager Chris Rolfe gave the students a pep talk in the morning on the importance of safety before they went to assigned activities.
Air navigation services provider NATS has announced the permanent appointment of Martin Rolfe as its new CEO.
Rolfe, Rose, Corvo, Crabbe: The Literary Images of Frederick Rolfe