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no bucks, no Buck Rogers

No money, no space travel. The phrase comes from The Right Stuff, a movie about the beginnings of US space exploration. "Bucks" is a slang term for money, while "Buck Rogers" was a space-traveling comic strip character in the early 20th century. Government funding for the space program has been down in light of recent disasters. It's a sad reality for us astronauts—no bucks, no Buck Rogers.
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roger that

Message received. The phrase originated in radio communications. A: "I'll meet you there at 6 o'clock." B: "Roger that."
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Roger (wilco).

Yes. (From aircraft radio communication. Wilco = "will comply.") John: Can you do this right now? Bob: Roger. Mary: I want you to take this over to the mayor's office. Bill: Roger wilco.


interj. okay; That is correct. Roger, I’ll do it.
References in classic literature ?
Did Roger de Conde not wish to be elsewhere he had accepted, and as he did not accept it is proof positive that he does not wish to bide among the De Montforts.
It is not wrong that we love; tell me it is not, Roger.
I will wait, Roger, for I believe in you and trust you.
So brave and noble a man, Roger, has a heart of pure gold.
After a time, at a hint from Roger Chillingworth, the friends of Mr.
On the other side of the house, old Roger Chillingworth arranged his study and laboratory: not such as a modern man of science would reckon even tolerably complete, but provided with a distilling apparatus and the means of compounding drugs and chemicals, which the practised alchemist knew well how to turn to purpose.
The people, in the case of which we speak, could justify its prejudice against Roger Chillingworth by no fact or argument worthy of serious refutation.
Arthur Dimmesdale, like many other personages of special sanctity, in all ages of the Christian world, was haunted either by Satan himself or Satan's emissary, in the guise of old Roger Chillingworth.
I know a story," said the Story Girl, "about Uncle Roger when he was just a young man.
Uncle Roger says it would be no harm to worship him because he doesn't look like anything in the heavens above or on the earth beneath or the waters under the earth.
Oh, Uncle Roger just says that because he's on the opposite side of politics," said Cecily.
She was horrified, and Uncle Alec was mildly disturbed, but Uncle Roger roared with laughter and Aunt Olivia echoed it.
Reuben, therefore, felt the full importance of the promise which he most solemnly made to return and perform Roger Malvin's obsequies.
It is enough," said Roger Malvin, having listened to Reuben's promise.
The morning sun was unclouded, and the trees and shrubs imbibed the sweet air of the month of May; yet there seemed a gloom on Nature's face, as if she sympathized with mortal pain and sorrow Roger Malvin's hands were uplifted in a fervent prayer, some of the words of which stole through the stillness of the woods and entered Reuben's heart, torturing it with an unutterable pang.