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1. noun, slang A precious gem, especially a diamond. A: "Did you see that rock on her finger?" B: "Yeah, I didn't know she was engaged!" The rocks in that necklace are worth nearly a million dollars.
2. noun Rock music, a genre of music characterized by the use of the electric guitar and bass. A shortened form of "rock and roll," from which it originated. I was into rock when I was in high school, but now I'm more into electronic music. The bar always blasts rock at such a high volume that I can never hear what anyone is saying.
3. noun, slang An ice cube. Typically used in the plural. I'd like a whiskey on the rocks, please.
4. noun, vulgar slang A testicle. Almost always used figuratively to mean confidence, courage, bravado, etc. Exclusively used in the plural. You've got some rocks on you to stand up to the boss like that, kid.
5. noun, slang A piece of crack cocaine. Typically used in the plural. Denny got caught selling rocks and got hit with a mandatory minimum.
6. adjective Pertaining to rock music. This is my favorite rock station on the radio. The band surprised its fans when it announced that its next album would be a rock opera.
7. verb To perform rock music, especially skillfully or with great energy and enthusiasm. My days of going on stage to rock are behind me at this point. Don't worry about the audience. Just go out there and rock.
8. verb To dance or move along to rock music or a similar genre. This song really gets me rocking!
9. verb, slang To be excellent or awesome. You got me my favorite doughnut! You rock! I can't believe you didn't like that movie! It rocked! Wow, you got into your dream school! That rocks!


1. and rock candy n. crack, a crystallized form of cocaine. (see also rocks.) Some call it rock candy, and some call it crack.
2. n. a crystallized form of heroin used for smoking. (Drugs.) Max is hooked on rock—the kind that you smoke. Powder is everywhere, but you can hardly find rock anymore.
3. n. a diamond or other gemstone. Look at the size of that rock in her ring.
4. Go to rocks.
5. n. a baseball; a basketball. Michael passed the rock to Scottie, who turned and dropped it in the basket.
6. in. to be really great. The concerts didn’t rock, but we had a good time throwing chairs.


mod. excellent. (Collegiate.) We had a rocking time!


1. n. ice cubes. Can I have a few rocks in my drink, please?
2. n. Xerox Inc. (Securities markets, New York Stock Exchange.) When she says, “Buy me a thousand rocks at the market,” that means she wants one thousand shares of Xerox at whatever the market price is at the moment.
3. n. money; a dollar. (Underworld.) Twenty rocks for that?
4. n. the testicles. (see also stones. Usually objectionable.) I was afraid I’d get kicked in the rocks, so I stayed back.
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