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A comical way of writing "am I right," an interjection used to foster agreement or stimulate further conversation. He's a fool, amirite? This hotel was a fabulous choice, amirite?

rite of passage

An event or activity often performed or experienced as part of passing from one stage of life to another. Bar Mitzvah celebrations are a rite of passage as Jewish boys become men. Getting lost while trying to find their classrooms is kind of a rite of passage for freshmen at this school.
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rite of passage

a ceremony or event marking an important stage in someone's life, especially birth, initiation, marriage, and death.
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Talking further about the rites conducted according to the religious lines he said, "We do cremations according to the religion of the person, like if the dead is a Hindu then we burn them and offer the last rites in traditional Hindu way.
Initially, Western Rite Orthodoxy was envisioned as a means of reaching out to Western Christians who were attracted to the faith of Eastern Christianity but who were unable to accept the Eastern Rite or who felt out of place in ethnically based Orthodox parishes.
Au Quebec, on observe depuis les annees 1970 que les rites de passage classiques (bapteme, mariage, funerailles) se modernisent pour repondre aux gouts des acteurs contemporains : les rites se personnalisent, on y ajoute des elements intimes (chansons, textes) ; ils se privatisent et se vivent en dehors de la sphere publique ou religieuse (a la maison plutot que dans l'institution) ; ils s'individualisent en prenant autant de formes qu'il y a d'individus.
Detailed attention is given to the work of the main drafter of the ILCW baptismal rite, the late Hans Boehringer, and to the ILCW project director, Eugene L.
For example, Bell seems deeply influenced by the ancient Chinese philosopher Xunzi, whom she quotes as Leaching, "rites are the highest expression of the hierarchical order, the basis for strengthening the state, the way by which to create authority..." (188).On the other hand, in an attempt to be comprehensive and cover other cultures, she must rely heavily on secondary literature that may present a skewed or limited view.
Such rites are already being performed at the discretion of bishops and dioceses, he said.
Abusive hazing is wrong, but a less harsh rite of passage like the one I experienced can help athletes form bonds that will last through the season and help a team accomplish its goals.
But, beginning in the sixteenth century, the reformed church divorced itself from the very rites which the Catholic clergy had so painstakingly nurtured.
"Rites of Passage" wisely eschews any openly polemical modes of art practice, as well as the shallow, fashionable, tired "antihumanism" that motivates so much contemporary work.
Old's work is a large undertaking, assessing rites which, apart from those of Strasbourg, have received relatively little attention.
Leemon observed in The Rites of Passage in a Student Culture, a 1972 book, such rituals placed "a difficult problem of personal growth into a social context ."
There was a subsequent differentiation into other rites. The plurality of rites has come about through the adaptation of Christian worship to differences in the cultures of various regions.
The emphasis on baptismal practice and theology through regular congregational participation in the rite strengthens the sacramental basis of Lutheran liturgical worship.
Europeans took possession of new lands in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries through variegated rites. The English acquired possession to the New World by physical objects, that is, by building houses and fences.