rise against

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rise (up) against someone or something

to challenge someone or something; to rebel against someone or something. The citizens rose up against their elected officials. They rose up against the abusive power of the government.
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I've been a fan of Rise Against for a while and it was amazing to work with them on this special video," Klasfeld said.
The one thing that has always impressed me with Rise Against is the raw emotion in frontman Tim McIlrath's voice, which comes across as strong live as it does on record.
Rise Against are proof that punk rock can be accessible to a wide audience without losing its message.
We hear much of the problems of modern languages, but in German we had a 26% rise against a UK decline of 8%, and in Spanish a rise of 11% against a UK decline of 6%.
Its rise against the dollar has made European exports more expensive, meaning diminishing sales in the US and Asian markets, especially China, that peg their currencies to the dollar.
Japan's interventions to brake the yen's rise against the dollar have taken on massive proportions.
75pc base rate could exacerbate the pound's rise against the weak dollar and hit exports hard.
Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi indicated Wednesday that Japanese monetary authorities will intervene in currency markets if necessary to prevent the yen's excessive rise against the dollar.
The tree columns rise against this screen, spreading their asymmetrical branches to carry the composite box-crate roof-terrace structure above, a plane oversailing the body of the house with uninterrupted views of the city bowl and bay.
1 from the Century of Progress Museum: Study for the Propaganda Series (all works 1992), a hot, grimy Pittsburgh steel mill is transformed into something sublime, as fiery smoke stacks rise against a dusky-brown sky.
monetary authorities, in keeping with the Group of Seven (G-7) understandings on exchange rate cooperation, intervened to resist the dollar's rise against the Japanese currency.
NetApplications, a leader in Web-based applications that measure, monitor and market Web sites for the Small to Medium Enterprise (SME), today announced through its monthly Web site traffic analysis that FireFox has, for the first time, slightly receded in its impressive rise against Microsoft's Internet Explorer.
The US industrial sector is suffering low demand rates due to the dollar's rise against the main currencies, which leads importers to turn away from the high-costing US products.
In New York on Friday, the dollar strengthened against the euro on growing concerns over the European debt problem, and the dollar's rise against the European currency stirred dollar-buying against the yen, dealers said.
Rise Against to Rock with Guitar Hero(R) Fans as Part of Latest Xbox LIVE(R) Game with Fame Session on March 14th