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It is only fitting that we help uphold a long-standing tradition in the United States of America", explains Rick Ridings.
In the North and West Ridings it is flown with a petal at the top.
Table 1 compares the proportion of Aboriginals in the population with the number of Aboriginal-majority ridings in selected provinces.
He said the Ridings Society campaigned for recognition that the three Ridings of Yorkshire still existed for all cultural, ceremonial, sporting and postal purposes.
While readers would forget the details about the ridings, they would absorb what counted: "hardline" religious right; "hidden agenda"; single-issue "people;" "religious zealots," all implying a true threat to Canadian democracy.
PC Webley told Ridings his comments were offensive and that he should go home, the court heard.
Ridings, 27, of Morgan Street, Tredegar, took the opportunity to approach Pc Webley and allegedly said a friend of his had had sexual relations with Pc Webley's wife and that she was good in bed.
"The only exception is the convention to fly it the other way up, sepal to the top, in the East Riding of Yorkshire, a practise dating back to the Wars of the Roses."
However, faced with the vocal opposition of all the other parties, including several independents who had left the PQ, on November 30 the government abandoned its effort to pass a law to include the ridings in the new map.
Remember, out of Ontario's 103 ridings, 98 are in Liberal hands; among them some 15 MPs have been consistently pro-life.
The item mentions that "She was parachuted into the riding by Jean Chretien after a pro-life candidate had been elected to run in the riding."
There are bound to be ridings in which the Canadian Alliance is weak and none of the candidates for the other major parties upholds the sanctity of human life.
The meeting was addressed by party leader Giuseppe Gori, who is running in the riding of Halton.
Augustine, in early October, 1995, ousted her pro-life riding executive with the help of some prominent Catholics in her west Toronto riding.
Three Riding for the Disabled (RDA) groups use Cardiff Riding School - and the centre is a very important facility for disabled horse riders of all ages.