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black rider

"Famine," the third of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, so named for the black horse upon which it rides. The food shortages are at a critical level, as if the black rider has swept through the country and demolished our fields and supplies.
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inclusion rider

A stipulation in a contract (of an actor, director, etc.) intended to ensure that a film's cast and crew is representationally diverse. The term gained widespread attention when actor Frances McDormand used it in her Academy Awards acceptance speech in 2018. Several prominent actors that I represent have insisted upon inclusion riders in their recent contracts in order to guarantee that there will be more diversity on set.
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pale rider

"Death," the fourth of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, so named for the pale horse upon which it rides. The shadow of the pale ride is looming over the country as the death toll continues to climb.
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red rider

"War," the second of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, so named for the red horse upon which it rides. If this conflict escalates, I worry that we will see the red rider sweep through our country sooner than later.
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white rider

"Conquest" or "Pestilence, the first of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, so named for the white horse upon which it rides. The way this horrible disease has ravaged the countryside, it's like the white rider is here among us—a terrifying thought.
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On one side of the saddle hung a short battle-axe, richly inlaid with Damascene carving; on the other the rider's plumed head-piece and hood of mail, with a long two-handed sword, used by the chivalry of the period.
``A truce to thine insolence, fellow,'' said the armed rider, breaking in on his prattle with a high and stern voice, ``and tell us, if thou canst, the road to How call'd you your Franklin, Prior Aymer?''
``Tush, tell not me, fellow,'' said the military rider; ``'tis easy for them to arise and supply the wants of travellers such as we are, who will not stoop to beg the hospitality which we have a right to command.''
It is not, however, for some weeks that the animal is ridden with the iron bit and solid ring, for it must learn to associate the will of its rider with the feel of the rein, before the most powerful bridle can be of any service.
I have seen an animal bounding with spirit, yet merely reined by a fore-finger and thumb, taken at full gallop across a courtyard, and then made to wheel round the post of a veranda with great speed, but at so equal a distance, that the rider, with outstretched arm, all the while kept one finger rubbing the post.
Only an excellent rider could have escaped being unhorsed, and as it was, Daylight was nastily near to it.
Standing for a minute, Bob turned his head and nuzzled his rider's stirrup in a roguish, impatient way, as much as to intimate that it was time they were going on.
Raoul continued his way and was visibly gaining ground; but the horse and its rider, of whom he did not lose sight, were evidently sinking.
Thus, sure that the rider would not release his hold, Raoul now only directed his attention to the horse, which he guided to the opposite bank, helping it to cut through the water and encouraging it with words.
The acquaintance with her rider's usual mode of proceeding, which suggested this improvement in hers, impelled her likewise to turn up a bye-way, leading--not to London, but through lanes running parallel with the road they had come, and passing within a few hundred yards of the Maypole, which led finally to an inclosure surrounding a large, old, red-brick mansion--the same of which mention was made as the Warren in the first chapter of this history.
South African cyclist, Nolan Hoffman, is on a week-long programme to empower local riders with cycling skills and fitness tips.
Summary: 2 interchanges of Red and Green lines (Burjuman and Union) get highest number of riders
Some 3,000 riders and enthusiasts, with more than 50 clubs present, gathered in Tagaytay for a day of fun-filled activities as part of the Honda Riders Convention 2019 Luzon Leg.
Riders - Jess Roberts, Rhona Callander, Anna Docherty, Jenny Holl, Josie Knight, Becky Raybould.