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Richard Roe

In legal proceedings, the name given to the second male whose identity is unknown or protected (as "John Doe" would be the name assigned to the first such male). I'm researching Richard Roe's case right now.
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have had the Richard

To be damaged or harmed beyond repair. The "Richard" in the phrase is Richard III, which is rhyming slang for "bird" (meaning to cause a negative reaction in an audience). These books look like they've had the Richard—can I please throw them out?
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have had the Richard

be irreparably damaged. Australian
This expression comes from rhyming slang Richard the Third, meaning ‘bird’. In the theatre, get the bird means ‘be booed and hissed at’.
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References in classic literature ?
As the Prior finished, a door at the lower end of the refectory swung open, and in came Sir Richard, with folded hands and head bowed upon his breast.
Quoth Sir Richard, "Thou man of law, wilt thou not befriend me in mine hour of need?
As for your father, Richard has only to lift his finger and your father obeys him.
Richard Turlington's voice was suddenly audible on deck exactly above them.
Sir Richard thanked him in a few earnest words, and asked him and all his men to visit the armory, before they departed.
This time he did not seek out Prince John, but asked audience with King Richard of the Lion Heart himself.
The course of study and preparation requires to be diligently pursued," observed my guardian with a glance at Richard.
Richard Carstone, who has so meritoriously acquitted himself in the--shall I say the classic shades?
When this answer was returned, and that safety of life was promised, the common sort being now at the end of their peril the most drew back from Sir Richard and the Master Gunner, (it) being no hard matter to dissuade men from death to life.
Sir Richard answered he might do with his body what he list, for he esteemed it not.
The sleigh was easily breed across so slight an impediment, and before Richard became conscious of his danger one-half of the vehicle Was projected over a precipice, which fell perpendicularly more than a hundred feet.
Le Quoi” Richard was too much agitated to regard his pronunciation, of which he was commonly a little vain: “Monsieur La Quoi, pray get off my leg; you hold my leg so tight that it's no wonder the horses back.
answered Richard, impatiently; ``I tell thee, Sir Wilfred, the best of them are most willing to repay my follies in kind For example, my very faithful servant, Wilfred of Ivanhoe, will not obey my positive commands, and yet reads his king a homily, because he does not walk exactly by his advice.
The young knight sighed, therefore, and held his peace; while Richard, rejoiced at having silenced his counsellor, though his heart acknowledged the justice of the charge he had brought against him, went on in conversation with Robin Hood.
Firmin Richard had hardly finished reading this letter when M.