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white on rice

As close as can be. Often used in the phrase "like white on rice." If that forward tries to get in our zone, I'll be on him like white on rice! You better pass this test, or else I'll be on you like white on rice, monitoring your every move when you claim to be doing homework.
See also: on, rice, white

a roll Jack Rice couldn't jump over

a large quantity of money. Australian informal
See also: jack, jump, over, rice, roll

like the white on rice

and as the white on rice
phr. as close as anything can be. Those two are really close—like the white on rice.
See also: like, on, rice, white

as the white on rice

See also: on, rice, white

motorized rice

n. maggots. This dead squirrel stinks and it’s alive with motorized rice!
See also: rice


n. a Japanese motorcycle; a crotch-rocket from Japan. He added a crack-rack to his rice-rocket.