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rib (one)

To tease, fool, or joke with one. I'm just ribbing you, Tom—I'm not upset at all! I thought you were being serious; don't rib me like that!
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stick to the/(one's) ribs

Of food, to be hearty and sustaining. I'm sick of eating nothing but fruit and vegetables—give me something that will stick to the ribs. Have a bowl of my famous chili, it will stick to your ribs in this cold weather.
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A particularly funny joke. My dad loves corny jokes, so I bought him a book of rib-ticklers. You should try to slip a few rib-ticklers into your speech to help keep your audience engaged.

stick to one's ribs

Fig. [for food] to last long and fortify one well; [for food] to sustain one even in the coldest weather. This oatmeal ought to stick to your ribs. You need something hearty on a cold day like this. I don't want just a salad! I want something that will stick to my ribs.
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stick to the ribs

Be substantial or filling, as in It may not be health food but steak really sticks to the ribs. This idiom was first recorded in 1603.
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stick to your ribs

(of food) be very filling.
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1. n. a joke; an act of teasing. I didn’t mean any harm. It was just a little rib.
2. tv. to tease someone. Please don’t rib me any more tonight. I’ve had it.


n. a joke; something very funny. That was a real rib-tickler. I’ll remember that joke.

stick to (one's) ribs

To be substantial or filling. Used of food.
See also: rib, stick

stick to the ribs

To be filling and satisfying. This description of enjoying one’s food dates from at least 1603: “Some one . . . hath offred her such Kindnes as sticks by her ribs a good while after” (Wilson, The Bachelor’s Banquet). It appeared in John Ray’s proverb collection of 1670 as well.
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