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be a revelation

To be different than one anticipated, often in a good way. Dana's performance in the play was a revelation—I had no idea she was such a talented actress.
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come as a revelation

To be different than one anticipated, often in a good way. Dana's performance in the play came as a revelation—I had no idea she was such a talented actress.
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come as/be a reveˈlation (to somebody)

be a completely new or surprising experience; be different from what was expected: His performance in the race today was a revelation to everyone.My trip to Texas was a revelation.
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Duterte should order a thorough probe of this revelations so that cases can be filed in court.
But, admittedly, the most exciting thing about Revelations is that Resident Evil 4 might soon follow.
"When I look at recent events in this country and hear rhetoric that is more than a throwback to the Jim Crow era," says current AAADT artistic director Robert Battle, "I know that now, more than ever, Revelations is urgently needed."
The "Resident Evil Revelations" games are scheduled for release on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on Aug.
Sartaj Aziz let it be known that the matter would be taken up with the Afghan government in the light of startling revelations made by the former spokesperson of JuA and TTP.
Taking NA, DP, and DI as the springboard from which to pursue this inquiry, we must ask ourselves whether Muhammad's revelatory experiences in Mecca and Medina have any place within a Christian understanding of revelation. While Christians affirm that the Christ event is the perfect fulfillment of revelation, is postbiblical understanding of revelation open to the angel Gabriel's revelations to Muhammad?
Quran's revelation on the basis of the people's needs:
Perhaps this is just a coincidence, but this positive atmosphere has been interrupted once again by new revelations. This is again about eavesdropping: who has recorded whose conversations, which institutions were involved, the methods and the purpose of the spying and so on.
Final Revelation When mankind was in the depths of the Dark Ages, our Creator sent His final Messenger, Prophet Mohammed, sallallhu 'alayhi wa sallam, to redeem humanity with the final Revelation, which represents the ultimate and permanent source of guidance for the whole world.
So, for a complete knowledge about the features of revelational books, it is imperative to define the 'word revelation' and its nature and sources.
Thanks to Pagets, readers learn that interpreting Revelation dates to the earliest days of Christianity.
Allowing players to have more intricate control, it vastly improves Revelations by giving you that extra edge over the hordes of oncoming attackers.
Still, the Small Voice: Narrative, Personal Revelation, and the Mormon Folk Tradition.
The more biblical question is this: If the scientific and historical facts, which can be checked, prove to be false, why would anyone suppose they are divine revelations? Scripture itself teaches us to check alleged divine revelations of empirical facts by means of empirical data; and if they prove empirically to be false, they should not be accepted as divine revelations (Deut.
She is making her poor husband look an absolute fool with her sleazy revelations.