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use the restroom

1. To go to a bathroom, restroom, or toilet in order to urinate or defecate. Pardon me, for a moment. I have to use the restroom. Does anyone need to use the restroom before we hit the road? It's going to be a long drive to New Mexico!
2. euphemism To urinate or defecate, regardless of location. A: "What took you guys so long to reach the top of the mountain?" B: "Tommy had to use the restroom about halfway up the trail." I really wish people wouldn't let their dogs use the restroom on our lawn.
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Where is the restroom?

the appropriate way of asking for the toilet in a public place. Bob: 'Scuse me. Waiter: Yes, sir. Bob: Where is the restroom? Waiter: To your left, sir. Mary: Where is the restroom, please? Clerk: Behind the elevators, ma'am.
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