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n. one’s parents. (see also (parental) units. Also a term of address.) Hey, rentals, let’s go out for dinner.
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Actually, that figure likely would be even higher if rentals by equipment dealers were included.
Instead, the amount of personal and rental usage dictates how the property is treated for tax purposes.
Located directly opposite the platform for the AirTrain station stop, the project, through the elimination of shuttle vans to and from the rental offices, will result in a faster commute between the airport terminals and the rental offices, reduced traffic on airport roadways, better air quality and a modern, convenient facility for customers to arrange car rentals.
The rentals are stamped, they're scanned, and the computer that runs the registers separates them out.
Fueled by robust rentals for the suspense-thriller ``The Ring,'' DVD rental revenues surpassed VHS rental revenues in a single week for the first time ever, according to statistics released Wednesday by the Video Dealers Software Association.
469-4(c)(1) allows the taxpayer to treat both rentals as one activity.
Insurers are wary of the increased liability of rentals because the owner doesn't have exclusive control over the property.
The purpose of the seven-day rule in the regulations was to exclude short-term rentals (such as videotapes, cars and hotels), but several court cases (e.
We expect that the combined company will be the market leader in Manhattan rentals, and with this consolidation we are laying the groundwork for further expansion of the Halstead sales, rental and management operations.
It considers only short-term rentals, of less than one years duration, and thus excludes long-term or leasing arrangements.
Homeowners in host cities where housing is in particular demand for short periods surrounding major sports events or regional celebrations (such as Mardi Gras), have found that visitors are often willing to pay Olympic-size rentals for the use of local residences.
However, with asking rentals at an all-time high, even for secondary space, some chains have decided not to become part of the "feeding frenzy.
MPRI will use two self-contained mobile classrooms, each equipped with two TranSimVS IV driver training simulators, to train drivers at various United Rentals branches throughout the United States and Canada.
469-11(b)(1) does apply to rentals to a C corporation.
The statistics reflect increases in tenant effective rentals in 10 of the 12 markets surveyed, and increases in landlord effective rentals in 9 of the 12 markets.