Remember to write

Remember to write,

 and Don't forget to write. 
1. Lit. a final parting comment made to remind someone going on a journey to write to those remaining at home. Alice: Bye. Mary: Good-bye, Alice. Remember to write. Alice: I will. Bye. Sally: Remember to write! Fred: I will!
2. Fig. a parting comment made to someone in place of a regular good-bye. (Jocular.) John: See you tomorrow. Bye. Jane: See you. Remember to write. John: Okay. See you after lunch. Jane: Yeah. Bye. Remember to write.
See also: remember, write
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I feel that when I'm talking to persuade like when I spoke at the annual conference of the Writers Union of the Philippines to argue for the need to give evil a human face, or when I exhorted young writers at the Palancas to remember to write for oneself after writing for others then direct address works better, without props or pictures.
My resolution is: Try to remember to write 2018 instead of 2017.
Sometimes I am the best mother in the world: I remember to write a note for Fin's lunchbox, and I have time to hand-make his festive holiday outfit for school.
TOP TIP: Remember to write "bought as a present" on the receipt.
Director Rob Cope says: "It is important to remember to write a will in order to leave a legacy for all the things they care about.
Sadly, there was no programme or song list provided and I was too engrossed to remember to write down all the songs
And when I do, I'll try to remember to write it down so I can share it with you.
Will you remember to write a review about this dish when you get home to your laptop?
Remember to write 'Take It Easy appeal' on the reverse of your cheque.
And if I could remember to write down some of the things my five-year-old sometimes says, I would have the beginnings of a stunning anthology.
I must remember to write a letter to him one day calling him an arse.
As we start the new year (and try to remember to write "2011"), articles in this issue of the Writing Lab Newsletter focus on overcoming difficulties or misunderstandings that can occur in tutorials.
Please make cheques payable to TMYP and remember to write your full name and address, including postcode, on the back of your cheque.
It is important if you have life insurance to remember to write this into trust so you keep this payment out of your estate for inheritance tax purposes.
Remember to write the name of your favourite Bollywood movie on the coupon before handing it in.