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relative to (something)

Corresponding, in direct relation, or proportionate to something. We just have to be sure that the profit potential of this project is acceptable relative to the amount of time, money, and effort it will take to complete it. Of course you aren't saving any money—your monthly expenditures are too high relative to your income.
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relative to someone or something

1. concerning someone or something. I have something to say relative to Bill. Do you have any information relative to the situation in South America?
2. in proportion to someone or something. My happiness is relative to yours. I can spend an amount of money relative to the amount of money I earn.
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relative to

Correspondent or proportionate to, as in Relative to its size, Boston has a great many universities, or It's important to get all the facts relative to the collision. Another form of this idiom is in or with relation to , meaning "in reference or with regard to," as in Demand is high in relation to supply, or That argument changes nothing with relation to our plans for hiring workers. The usages with relative date from the second half of the 1700s, those with relation from the late 1500s.
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If you have any questions surrounding the employment of relatives, please ask your local Office of General Counsel or NAVSUP Counsel,
* Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Kansas, Michigan, Mississippi, Ohio, New York and Virginia have increased financial support to relatives who become legal guardians.
Years ago patients and relatives used to say 'please' and 'thank you'.
The protesters said they would continue staging sit-ins as long as their relatives remained in police custody, saying the kidnapping of their nine relatives was politically motivated, as was the kidnapping of the Turkish pilots last month.
"I've cut back on my visits to my relatives to avoid problems; these days, we make the visits very quick or just keep in touch by phone," she explained.
But the gathered relative got infuriated and stared pelting stones at the police when they saw accused policeman coming out of the police station.
Patients who have a first-degree relative diagnosed with CRC or AP after 60 years of age or 2 or more second-degree relatives with CRC should start screening at 40 years of age, with routine options and follow-up intervals (SOR: C, consensus guidelines).
The refurbishment has helped transform the room, where relatives can often spend hours waiting while a loved one receives life-saving treatment, into a comfortable space.
A spokesman said: "She had relatives in the Dyfed and Powys areas."
The Fostering Connections to Success and Increasing Adoptions Act gives children in the state's foster care system another route to stability and permanency by providing relatives with greater incentives to be guardians, according to the State Department of Social Services' Office of Community Services.
Relatives are not eligible to receive federal foster care benefits like the packages awarded to private foster families and group homes unless they enter the formal foster care system themselves.
Comorbid rates of ADHD and TD were significantly higher among relatives of patients in all four case groups, compared with either condition alone.
Plants with buds the size of basketballs, which open flowers up to a meter across, must be reclassified as relatives of poinsettias, say researchers who've examined the DNA of the world's largest known flowers.
Symptoms of ADHD were more likely to precede the appearance of tics or other TD symptoms in relatives of study patients with ADHD, the researchers noted.
The court ordered the companies to pay compensation to the relatives of those killed.