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Although they work independently, both researchers hope their findings will improve the lives of woodwind players in several ways: by finding methods to grow better-quality cane for making reeds, by helping musicians identify and preserve good reeds, and by spurring the development of improved substitute materials.
Many amateur players circumvent the fragile-rred syndrome by using sturdy plastic reeds, "but they sound kind of like a duck with laryngitis," says Casadonte.
Casadonte examined the chemical makeup of reeds because he wanted to know why they degrade so quickly.
In 2002, Reed rallied Religious Right leaders to oppose a new casino proposed by the Jena Band of Choctaw Indians in Louisiana.
Reed made the rounds of the Religious Right, posing as an anti-gambling warrior.
Find the most convenient place to purchase Reed products worldwide in the "where to buy" database.
Reed's complete team of Reed Associates, Regional Managers, and Manufacturer's Reps works together to provide excellent service to distributors and tool-users.
This explains why Reed chooses as his detective LaBas (Legba), a mediating figure who presides over the crossroads, for the space he wishes to interrogate is that of the cultural crossroads.
And the length of LaBas's narrative is not the only problem it presents; it is also full of anachronisms, and at times it appears that another voice supplants that of LaBas, which might be attributed to Reed himself but can also be thought of as the mediating voice of a loa.
Reed was exhausted most of the time but his statistics were nothing to yawn at.
To someone whose life already was fraught with complications, the prospect of having to either uproot Logan from his doctors or extricate himself from his wife and two children for half the year was daunting indeed to Reed.
Qiong Wang, CEO of Bodisen, commented, "We are pleased to have Reed Smith working with Bodisen.
Vinay Ganga, partner at Reed Smith London, commented: "Reed Smith is pleased to represent Bodisen, a Forbes 100 growth company in China.
Reed Smith is a leading law firm with nearly 1,000 lawyers located in the U.
BlackBerry is one of the important cornerstones of Reed Smith's remote computing initiative.