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All tickets are subject to availability; not redeemable for cash or any food or drink.
The holding company is owned by the stockholders, and would therefore show the liability for the mandatorily redeemable stock.
Redeemable preferred stock, however, involves an obligation to redeem it at a specified price and time.
Redeemable day of visit for one ticket with the purchase of another ticket of equal value, from 1 p.
A company that issues mandatorily redeemable preferred stock simultaneously incurs a contractual obligation to redeem the stock for a specified or determinable amount on a specified or determinable date.
75% Series C cumulative redeemable preferred shares, USD0.
Reinsurance company PartnerRe Ltd (NYSE:PRE) (Euronext:PRE) reported on Friday that its board of directors has declared dividends on its Series C and Series D cumulative redeemable preferred shares for the quarter ended 31 August 2010.
2m of Vietnam redeemable issued outstanding shares at an average price of USD1.