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redd up

colloquial To clean or tidy up; to empty or clear out (something or some space). Primarily heard in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. When we were growing up, we were all expected to help redd up after each meal. I'll be spending this weekend redding up the garage.
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redd up (one's) room

colloquial To clean or tidy up one's bedroom. Primarily heard in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Oh no, Brian's not going anywhere until he redds up his room. Look at this mess—it'll take you the whole weekend to redd up your room!
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redd up the house

colloquial To clean or tidy up one's home. Primarily heard in US. Grandma gets here on Saturday, so we seriously need to redd up the house. I'm off from work this week, and I don't want to spend the whole time redding up the house.
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Speaking to Nampa after the event team coach Frank Redding said he was proud of his young athletes' performance at the games.
Redding was born in Manhasset, New York, and grew up near Danbury, Connecticut.
Redding Police Chief Roger Moore kept up a round-the-clock work schedule despite learning that his home was one of those destroyed.
On Thursday (Friday in Manila), the fire swept through the historic town of Shasta and nearby Keswick due to gusty winds and dry vegetation and even crossed the Sacramento River up to the western edge of Redding.
On Saturday, it pushed southwest of Redding, the largest city in the region, toward the tiny communities of Ono, Igo and Gas Point, where scorching heat, winds and bone-dry conditions complicated firefighting efforts.
Previously, evacuation orders were issued to more than 2,200 residents west and north of Redding after the fire consumed 28,763 acres by Thursday afternoon.
She has medication not Miss Redding's partner Dean Gibson told Monday's inquest that he would make sure she took the correct dose of all her medication on an evening, while she would take her morning doses.
Brian Crane, the Public Works Director, explained the Solid Waste Division is looking to take a more active role to reduce trash in Redding.
Shelley Redding set up her canine daycare and training venture, Action Petz, inspired by the love for her dog Rocco.
Shelley Redding was inspired by her love for her dog Rocco to set up Action Petz, which offers action-packed indoor and outdoor facilities.
Two great-granddaughters of Sophia and Nathaniel, Rosamond Hawthorne Mikkelsen and Joan Hawthorne Deming Howe Ensor, cousins and lifelong residents of Redding, Connecticut, died this year, six months apart, on January 4 and June 9, 2016, at ages 104 and 103.
15 March 2016 - California, US-based bank holding company Bank of Commerce Holdings' (NASDAQ: BOCH) Redding Bank of Commerce unit closed a purchase and assumption agreement with Bank of America (NYSE: BAC) to purchase certain assets of five Bank of America branches located in northern California, the company said.
Dreams to Remember: Otis Redding, Stax Records, and the Transformation of Southern Soul
Russell Redding will leave his position as Delaware Valley College's (Pa.) dean of agriculture and environmental sciences to become Pennsylvania's next secretary of agriculture.