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reappoint someone as something

to select or appoint someone to serve again in the same office. Are they going to reappoint Alan as the chairman again? Alan was reappointed as the head of the committee.
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Healey asked councilors to reappoint Kopelman & Paige for one year, but it was referred to subcommittee for further discussion.
Councilman Dave Weaver said he stands by his earlier position to reappoint the existing commissioners.
However, Weaver, the only retiree on the council, said if the motion to reappoint does not pass and the rest of the council wants to appoint council members to the commission, he will throw his name in the hat.
To reappoint Alistair Cox as a director of the Company
The governor did not reappoint Fleming after his term expired in February.
Bustamante did not comment on Davis' reasons not to reappoint Fleming, except to say, ``This decision doesn't say anything about Mr.
We are very happy to reappoint State Street as our investment services provider," said Colin Grindle, head of Pensions at Lloyds TSB.
HARDWICK - The town Finance Committee is insisting on an explanation from Town Moderator John Campbell on why he did not reappoint Edward F.
Resolution 3: to reappoint Tony Ballance as a Director
In a five-page legal opinion, Hahn said that voters gave the commission broad discretion to decide whether to reappoint the chief to a second five-year term when they approved Charter Amendment F in 1992.
Global Banking News-June 8, 2015--Yes Bank reappoints MD
Global Banking News-January 6, 2014--Singapore government's shared services centre reappoints Citi
Reappoints Benson, Costal, Dorsey, Henderson and Mecca for Second Terms
Global Banking News-10 September 2009-India's central bank reappoints Shyamala Gopinath as deputy governor(C)2009 ENPublishing - http://www.