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beyond the realm(s) of possibility

Impossible. With my low test grades, I think that getting an A in this class is beyond the realms of possibility.
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coin of the realm

1. The coins used in monetary exchanges in a particular country. Drachmas are no longer the coin of the realm in Greece. You'll need euros if you want to buy anything here.
2. By extension, something that is especially valuable in a particular field or area. You better get this unique idea of yours patented—intellectual property is the coin of the realm for inventors.
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within the realm(s) of possibility

Possible; capable of happening. You worked so hard this semester that I think an A is within the realm of possibility.
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beyond/within the realms of possiˈbility

impossible/possible: A successful outcome is not beyond the realms of possibility.
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Clara receives support from a nutcracker soldier (an underwhelming straight-faced Jayden Fowora-Knight) and the delightfully chipper Sugar Plum Fairy (Keira Knightley), who seems to know the political ins and outs of the Realms.
The literature notes that radical and incremental process improvements take place in project realms and process realms, respectively (Jansen et al., 2006).
Stuart acknowledges this in the epilogue's emphasis on East-West transnational regions, each of which could easily warrant greater in-depth study in any or all four of the realms examined in this work.
By contrast, the return to the city of being involves the continuities of the ever present, ever experiencing self, and so the desire to connect again the fabric and public realm of the city, and to give these the qualities that extend and enhance the sense of being.
In the Realms of the Unreal configures Darger as a kind of weirder, crankier Lewis Carroll or J.M.
The debates concerning the rebuilding of Ground Zero has brought to light the discordance we feel between the sacred and the physical realms with a force that was unimaginable.
'The Ten Deadly Realms' by Vanessa Williamson and Deserie Questell is a story about specially chosen warriors whose mission is to save their heavenly city and the Earth from evil warlords, vampires and horrible creatures by fighting their way through ten deadly realms - from the realm of Hell to the realm of Humanity.
In the realm of the Senses director Nagisa Oshima talks about entering new realms of cinematic sexuality with his homoerotic Gohatto
It is useful to perceive our interactions with the world around us as being within different realms: we physically interact with the world in the physical realm; we viscerally interact with the world in the biological realm; and we cognitively interact with the world (including with our own inner representations) in the mental realm.
Traditions is the second volume of what is to be the three-volume English edition of Realms of Memory: The Construction of the French Past.
Each of these six themes is related to all six "realms."
This section provides the reader with a description of six primary realms where FL's and FC's are manifested and therefore assessable.
A Filipino superhero will soon grace the pages of Marvel comic book series 'War of the Realms.'
BioWare's new online PC role playing game, or "RPG" "Shadow Realms" features exciting co-op four player gameplay.