raise your voice

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raise (one's) voice

To speak or shout loudly, especially out of anger. I know you're upset, but there's no need to raise your voice. Don't raise your voice to the kids, it's not their fault!
See also: raise, voice

raise your ˈvoice

speak in a louder voice, often because you are angry: Don’t raise your voice at me. It wasn’t my fault.They heard raised voices and saw two men engaged in an argument.
See also: raise, voice
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In the brief year since its inception, the Raise Your Voice Facebook page has nearly 1.
A woman in Mosul posted on Raise Your Voice Facebook page, You ask us to share our stories, I have thousands of stories, but I have been waiting for someone that will listen.
MBN manages and oversees Alhurra and the Raise Your Voice initiative.
Raise Your Voice is not an echo chamber for those opposed to the extremist ideology.
Through the professional Raise Your Voice staff, especially the online moderators and call-in show hosts, we are able to have these conversations on TV, radio and digital platforms, stated Conniff.
BEIRUT: The Labor Ministry's website was backed up Wednesday afternoon, a day after Raise Your Voice hacked the portal, replacing the homepage with the group's signature graphic and allowing visitors to vent anger at the government.
Raise Your Voice, the group that announced last month its affiliation with the global network Anonymous in a YouTube video, hacked the ministry's site Tuesday, on Labor's Day.
There are those to whom you can raise your voice and they react positively, much the opposite of another student who is introverted.
OLDER Asian people are being encouraged to help improve public services by the Raise Your Voice project.