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rain down

1. To fall to the ground from the sky like rain. Bombs continue to rain down on the city the allied nations' assault continues on the dictatorship continues for its second straight week. Confetti and streamers rained down on the crowd of onlookers.
2. To lob, throw, or hurl something down on someone or something. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "rain" and "down." I tried to cover my head and face as the attacker rained down kicks and punches on me. Troops have been raining down bullets on the enemy encampment for over an hour.
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rain down on (someone or something)

1. To pour or fall down on someone or something in a shower from above. Dirt and debris rained down on us following the explosion. Bombs continue to rain down on the city from the enemy bombardment. Confetti and streamers rained down on the crowd of onlookers.
2. To cause some liquid, loose substance, or multitudinous small objects to fall down in a shower on someone or something. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used either before or after "down." The castle defenders rained boiling oil down on the attackers below the ramparts. The dark clouds began raining down hail on us halfway through the hike.
3. To lob, throw, or hurl multitudinous small objects upon someone or something. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used either before or after "down." The other kids started raining down snowballs on us from the other side of the yard. Someone up there is raining rocks down on our car.
4. To give or bestow something on someone in abundance. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used either before or after "down." The boss has been raining praise down on Janet all week for the work she did. People across the country are raining down condemnations on the prime minster for his handling of the crisis.
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rain something down (on someone or something)

to pour something, such as criticism or praise, onto someone or something. (Based on rain down on someone or something.) The employees rained criticism down on the personnel manager for the new policy on sick leave. The audience rained down compliments on the performers.
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rain down

1. To fall as rain: It rained down hard all day, so we had to cancel the picnic.
2. To fall in large quantities: The rice container tipped over on the top shelf and rice rained down on me.
3. To throw or hurl something down upon someone: The boxer rained blows down on his opponent's head for several seconds. The soldiers rained down arrows from the top of the castle.
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Then it started raining down rocks," said local government official Robert Peranginangin, Hurriyet Daily News reported.
Even against Wigan - with their calamitous challenges raining down - he was able to go on a few runs, even nut-megging a few players in the process.
This stunning live album - on CD and DVD - should change that with a barnstorming set which builds quietly from the REMlike Rainbow and Raining Down Arrows to the adrenalin rush rock'n'roll of Gin & Tonic Sky, an anthem the Gallagher brothers would die for.
For pessimists, the heavens offer a host of doomsday scenarios--an asteroid crashing into Earth or deadly cosmic rays raining down on the planet.
Christopher Thomas, 29, of Heron's Way, Castle View, Caerphilly, was accused of raining down blows on an opposition player, a police officer from Kent, while playing a summer recreational game on June 14 for the Cardiff Titans.
But Mundy says Raining Down Arrows has to be a hit in other territories for him to make money.
Other chapters find her in the abyssal deeps of the world-ocean Tethys, tasting the chemistry of the seawater and sifting through the crystalline intricacies of the one-celled diatoms raining down to create future cliffs and shoals of limestone.
Suddenly, tampons were raining down on me because my purse was unzipped.
And now the caravans of fugitives are trying desperately to flee on foot or by mule from the missiles raining down from the sky and the mines exploding from inside the earth.
Scientists believe -- may be raining down in Neptune's atmosphere.
A hail of missiles started raining down on the packed hall, bouncing off windows and walls only a few yards from where the chief was sitting.
EYEWITNESSES to the Lockerbie disaster today vividly described the night a thunderous fireball erupted in the sky and sent debris from PanAm Flight 103 raining down on the town.
It's a bird, it's a plane, it's money raining down into your lap.
The IRGC missiles are raining down on this single target which is a replica of an enemy air base.