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ON THE CASE: Detective Michael Raines (Jeff Goldblum) investigates when a body is discovered in the Venice canals.
Also, since about 90 percent of home textiles products come from abroad, according to Raines, a downturn in the U.S.
Although the deceased speak back, they don't divulge secrets, serving more as a sounding board for Raines (Goldblum) as he sifts through clues.
Raines says robot sumo isn't a violent contact sport and these robots don't destroy each other like those noisy machines on the Discovery Channel do.
Raines officers some basic points managers and executives must remember when working with a multi-generational staff.
If Raines was watching, he came in presumably after a tranquil day of fly fishing, his passion, and presumably with no great surprise, given his obvious understanding of newspaper culture.
It all came undone for Raines and nearly for the chastened Sulzberger, as well, when a 27-year-old rookie reporter, Jayson Blair, promoted beyond his competence and protected by managers fearful of upbraiding a black up-and-comer, was caught hyping stories, fabricating, plagiarizing and lying about his whereabouts and expense accounts.
The main character, Harrison Raines, is a Southerner fiercely against slavery, working as a spy for the North.
* FANNIE MAE's FRANKLIN RAINES. A $9 billion mistake and you walk away with more than $1 million a year for life?
"We would like to recognize that ALOT has been very successful at developing rural adult leaders in Missouri," says John Raines, Monsanto's vice president of marketing.
On March 9, 2003, a distinguished group of high-ranking politicians and journalists descended on the Bryant Park Hotel to attend a wedding reception for the then-executive editor of the New York Times, Howell Raines. Raines, in a white dinner jacket and black pants, swooned for the paparazzi and introduced his young Polish-born bride to guests who included Gov.
"My Times" by Howell Raines, in The Atlantic Monthly (May 2004), 77 N.
Blair had done, and two of them, Howell Raines and Gerald Boyd, the Executive Editor and Managing Editor respectively, were forced to resign.