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slang Exceptionally good, excellent, cool, or exciting. Short for the slang term "radical." That was a pretty rad concert! Wow, rad—a new bicycle! Thanks, Mom and Dad!

that's rad

slang That's exceptionally good, excellent, cool, or exciting. ("Rad" is short for the slang term "radical.") You're going to the Lady Gaga concert too? That's rad! A new bicycle? Wow, that's rad—thanks, Mom and Dad!
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1. n. a radical person. (California.) My brother is a rad, but he’s a good guy.
2. mod. great; wonderful; excellent; exciting. (California. From radical.) Oh my God, that’s, like, really rad!

way rad

mod. quite excellent. (see also rad.) Oh, Tiff! That’s way rad!
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He was arrested with two of his accomplices aged 19 and 27 living in Rades, who were recognised by the owner of the cafe.
This is the 12th Cup won by ES Rades in their history after the trophies bagged in 1961, 1962, 1963, 1964, 1965, 1968, 1970, 1971, 1972, 2017 and 2018.
ES Rades had qualified for the final after JS Kairouan (73-51) and US Monastir had booked their ticket after eliminating S.
The US Monastir, who lost the first match of the final played in Rades (75-64), won the other three games by 88-78 in Rades, 80-77 in Monastir and 79-73 in Monastir.
(TAP) - US Monastir are now leading two wins to one against ES Rades. They secured an 80-77 home-win after two extra times (61-61, 68-68), at a Tunisia's Basketball Championship final day-3 game played on Saturday night.
(TAP) -- Ennahdha's Jawhar Smari was elected, Monday night, new mayor of Rades after the resignation of the president of the city council and a second round of voting against candidate from independent list "Vive Rades ", Fatma Abada.
(TAP) - Tunisia's JS Kairouan have qualified for the Final Four of the Africa Basketball League after defeating their compatriot ES Rades (74-73) at a second-leg quarter-final game played on Saturday evening in Rades.
10/03/2019 18:27, TUNIS/Tunisia (TAP) -- Tunisia's Etoile Sportif de Rades defeated Congo's BC Terreur 69-52, at a FIBA AfroLeague first qualifying round group B day-3 game played on Sunday in Cotonou, Benin.