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slang An initialism of "rolling on the floor laughing," used in text-based communication to indicate that something is very funny or ridiculous. Often lower case. More commonly seen as "ROFL." I just saw a monkey riding on the back of a pig! rotfl
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rolling on the floor laughing (my ass off)

phr. & comp. abb. a description of how hard someone is laughing at someone else’s comments. (Usually objectionable.) ROTFLMAO! Gee, that was funny!
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interj. rolling on the floor laughing. (Used in electronic mail and computer forum or news group messages. Not pronounced aloud.) I was ROTFL when I read your note. That was too much.
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They include BTW for by the way, CUL8R for see you later, CYA for see you around, YIU for yes I understand and ROTFL - rolling on the floor laughing.
This Means This BCNU be seeing you BTW by the way FWIW for what it's worth FYI for your information IMHO in my humble opinion LOL laughing out loud OBO or best offer ROTFL rolling on the floor laughing ROTFLOL rolling on the floor laughing out loud RTFM read the funny manual TNSTAAFL there's no such thing as a free lunch TTFN ta ta for now TTYL talk to you later
Don't assume that your customer knows e-mail lingo (e.g., IMHO - In My Humble Opinion; ROTFL - Rolling on the Floor Laughing; BTW - By the Way).
The Internet has developed a metalanguage of its own which is characterized by certain conventions and a large number of acronyms as shorthand for commonly used phrases (e.g., IMHO for "in my humble opinion" and ROTFL for "rolling on the floor laughing").
If the joke was hysterical, type ROTFL - rolling on the floor laughing.
The Book: "In Chuch Camp Chaos," the second fabulous release in the Diary of a Real Payne series, you'll find yourself ROTFL as EJ is more than ready to be done with Ms.