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Having a low density of pixels or dots that compose an image, resulting in a poor, unclear image quality. Short for "low resolution"; sometimes styled as "lo-res." I remember how impressed we were when our crappy little flip-screen phones started coming with built-in cameras, but the low-res pictures those things took look positively ancient compared to the brilliant pictures modern smartphones are capable of producing. The defendant's legal team successfully argued that such a low-res image could not be used to reliably identify place him at the scene of the crime without a shadow of a doubt.


A shortening of "resolution," used especially in the compounds "hi(gh)-res" (high resolution) and "lo(w)-res" (low resolution). Unfortunately all of the hi-res images were on a different hard drive. Trying to watch the movie on this low-res screen is really unpleasant.


and hi-res (ˈhɑɪˈrɛz)
mod. good; satisfying. (From high-resolution, referring to the picture quality of a computer monitor. Compare this with low-res.) I sure feel hi-res today.




and lo-res (ˈloˈrɛz)
mod. poor; unpleasant. (From low resolution in a computer terminal. Compare this with high-res.) The party is lo-res. Let’s cruise.


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