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get on (one's) quince

To irritate or annoy one. Primarily heard in Australia. Boy, you are really getting on my quince today. Why can't you just do what I ask without arguing about it?
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get on someone's quince

irritate or exasperate someone. Australian informal
See also: get, on, quince
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The one unusual addition I'm adding here is, as you'll have noticed, quince.
EDIBLE quince, cydonia oblonga, is a small, deciduous thornless, irregular shaped tree up to 12ft high.
Families can discover and taste a huge variety of produce, ranging from the little-known quince and medlar to pears and 12 different varieties of English apple.
Add 3 cups of water, tomato paste, quinces, lime juice, prunes, and potatoes.
Quinces keep well if stored cool, dry and frost-free.
But the Chinese quince is destined to remain a loner,.
They are delicious stewed and baked - in fact, almost everything you can do with apples you can do with quinces. They need a similar amount of cooking time and, as with apples, add sugar only after the fruit begins to soften and change colour (quince flesh turns pink).
Quinces have a mythical reputation for stirring up trouble.
Quinces are in the market, fragrant, knobbed like breasts.
Turkey is one of the motherlands and native spreading areas of quince (Ozbek, 1978; Tekintas et al.
unsalted butter 1 cup drained Poached Quinces (at right) 1.
Quinces, in the town's High Street, is being run by an American woman and supplied by a Mid Wales farmer's wife.
Quinces have been a feature of Persian cooking for the last two and a half millennia, and they have long been naturalised throughout southern Europe.
Quinces can be trained to a single trunk, or can be grown as a bush.