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jump the queue

To go ahead of someone or multiple people who have been waiting before one. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. I wanted to shout at the man for jumping the queue, but I was too embarrassed about making a scene. There has been public outrage after it came to light that some people had been jumping the queue for surgery appointments because they had a friend or relative working at the hospital.
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queue up (for something)

To get into a line to wait (for something). Sometimes also modified by "for (some amount of time)" immediately after "queue up." Primarily heard in UK. I hate having to queue up so early just to get tickets. The new restaurant has already become a huge success, with people queuing up for hours for a seat each night. We queued up for a chance to meet the author.
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queue up (for something)

to line up for something. (*Typically British.) We had to queue up for tickets to the play. You must queue up here to get in.
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jump the queue

1 push into a queue of people in order to be served or dealt with before your turn. 2 take unfair precedence over others.
The US version of this expression is jump in line .
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jump the ˈqueue

(British English) (American English jump the ˈline, cut in ˈline) go to the front of a line of people without waiting for your turn: I get very angry with people who jump the queue. ▶ ˈqueue-jumping (British English) (American English ˈline-jumping less frequent) noun: This practice encourages queue-jumping for medical services.
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queue up

1. To form an ordered sequence or line; line up: The patrons queued up outside the theater. The customers queued up at the ticket booth.
2. To order some set of things to deal with them in sequence; line up something: Queue up the children, and I'll serve them lunch. We'll queue the applicants up and interview them one at a time.
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It should be noted that only the shockwave queueing profiles can be directly reconstructed using mobile sensing data.
First, it aims to close the debates on the consistency of the two queueing models via some systematic and analytical studies.
Section 2 introduces the vertical and horizontal queue models as well as the deterministic and shockwave queueing profiles with respect to an oversaturated signal intersection.
In view of the Markovian assumptions on both arrival and service processes, the state (in the Markovian sense) of the queueing system is completely described by the numbers of customers in the different queues.
For i [member of] C, let [pi](i) be the steady-state probability vector of the queueing system.
That is, we approximate the coupled queueing system, by a queueing system with independent M/M/1/[C.sub.k] queues with service rate [[mu].sub.0](1 - [alpha]), where [alpha] is a crude approximation for the probability that at least one queue is empty.
The queueing model is a continuous-time Markov chain (CTMC) queue with a finite buffer.
References [21, 22] are classic examples of the use of these approaches in analysing queueing models and obtaining state probabilities for CRN.
In-fact, the exponential distribution is widely accepted because the queueing models having exponential distribution are of practical utility and very easy to be handled.
In many complex queueing situations, Erlangian distribution provides a good starting point for the systems with phases or stages.
In section 2 we informally introduce basic concepts of TCPNs and then in section 3 we provide rules of mapping queueing systems into TCPNs.
Queueing Net usually consists of a set of connected queueing systems, Each queueing system is described by an arrival process, a waiting room, and a service process.
It's bad news for the nation that used to pride itself - yes, and even laugh gently at itself - over its commitment to the civilised queueing concept.
Samba fever had taken over Teesside in 1996, with thousands of fans queueing to pick up the new replica shirt ready to be worn by Juninho, Emerson and European Cup winner Fabrizio Ravanelli.
Matthew Busuttil, James Rollings, Michelle Harper and Amy Jobson queueing to get their hands on |Carling Cup tickets in 2004.