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bean queen

gay slang Discretion must be used with both instances of this term since it can be construed as being either derogatory or a celebration of self-identification.
1. A Hispanic or Mexican homosexual male. I like hanging out with fellow bean queens, because we can relate to each other through our culture and our sexual identification.
2. A non-Hispanic homosexual male who is primarily attracted to Hispanic men. I do tend to date mostly Hispanic men, so I suppose you could call me a bit of a bean queen.
See also: bean, queen

beauty queen

A woman who has won, or looks as if she could win, a beauty pageant. When that beauty queen walked in, everyone's heads turned.
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drag queen

A man who wears the clothing and assumes the demeanor of a woman, typically as part of an exaggerated performance piece. A well-known drag queen around the state, he has become an increasingly vocal advocate for gay rights across the country.
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drama queen

A person (usually a female) who is given to having exaggerated or disproportionate emotional reactions to relatively minor events or situations. Since I was an only child, my mother tended to be a bit of a drama queen about anything happening in my life. Ah, don't be such a drama queen, Tom, they're not going to fire you for a simple mistake like that.
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live like a queen

To have a luxurious lifestyle, in which one's every need or desire is satisfied. Typically said of or by a woman. She eventually sold all her stock in the company and lived like a queen for the rest of her years. Me and my girlfriends are taking a luxury cruise next month. We're going to live like queens for two whole weeks!
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queen it over (one)

To arrogantly assert superiority over one. Said almost exclusively of a woman. OK, yes, you beat me—now quit queening it over me. After her appearance in the film, she started queening it over everyone in class.
See also: over, queen

queen up

1. Of a man, to wear makeup or dress in feminine clothing. Derived from the term "drag queen." (Each of these usages could be considered offensive, depending on the context of how they are being used, and by whom.) I have to dress pretty conservatively during the week for my work, but I love getting queened up on the weekend.
2. Of a man, to dress or behave in a stereotypically homosexual manner. Derived from the term "drag queen." Coming out was just about being true to a part of who I am. I'm not going to start queening up or anything all of a sudden.
3. To dress a man in drag. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "queen" and "up." They queened the actor up a bit to match the flamboyant style of the singer he was playing for the film.
4. To cause or compel a man to act in a more stereotypically homosexual manner. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "queen" and "up." He was always such a well written gay character, though the show's writers queened him up a bit towards the end of the third season.
See also: queen, up

queen's ransom

An exorbitantly large sum of money. A variant of the more common "king's ransom." I've always wanted to vacation in Hawaii, but the plane tickets cost a queen's ransom. We simply can't afford to pay the queen's ransom they are demanding!
See also: ransom

race queen

slang In Japan, a scantily clad young woman who appears at car races, typically performing duties such as waving the race flag and distributing trophies. Are guys really that into car racing, or do they just watch to drool over the race queens? Man, that race queen is gorgeous. But I bet she'd never talk to losers like us.
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rice queen

gay slang A non-Asian homosexual male who is primarily attracted to East Asian men. Discretion must be used, as the term can be construed as being either derogatory or a celebration of self-identification. I do tend to date mostly Asian men, so I suppose you could call me a bit of a rice queen.
See also: queen, rice

size queen

slang One whose ideal sexual partner has a large penis. Are you big enough for her? I hear she's a size queen.
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speak the Queen's English

To speak the standard, "correct" form of English, as spoken by educated people in Britain. (When the ruling monarch in the United Kingdom is a king, it is typically called "the King's English.") We're friends now, so quit speaking the Queen's English. No need to be so formal! As a professor, you really should speak the Queen's English.
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treat (one) like a king/queen

To attend to one with exceptional care; to treat one very well. I can't recommend that hotel highly enough—they treated me like a queen the last time I was there. You get what you pay for with that place. If you've got the cash, they'll treat you like kings.
See also: king, like, queen, treat

turn King's/Queen's evidence

To provide evidence in court against other parties involved in the crime for which one has been charged in order to receive a reduced sentence or to avoid prosecution altogether. (Either "King" or "Queen" is used depending on the current ruling monarch.) Primarily heard in UK. Many are speculating that the government aide taken into custody will agree to turn Queen's evidence against the Chancellor of the Exchequer.
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drag queen

A male transvestite; also, a female impersonator. For example, He was surprised to find out that Roxanne was actually a drag queen. This term uses the slang noun drag in the sense of "female attire worn by a man" (a usage dating from about 1870; also see in drag). [ Offensive slang; c. 1940]
See also: drag, queen
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turn King’s/Queen’s ˈevidence

(British English) (American English turn State’s ˈevidence) give information against other criminals in order to get a less severe punishment: One of the gang turned State’s evidence and identified at least three others involved in the fraud.
See also: evidence, turn
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The Queen turned angrily away from him, and said to the Knave
`Get up!' said the Queen, in a shrill, loud voice, and the three gardeners instantly jumped up, and began bowing to the King, the Queen, the royal children, and everybody else.
Alice wondered a little at this, but she was too much in awe of the Queen to disbelieve it.
'It's time for you to answer now,' the Queen said, looking at her watch: 'open your mouth a LITTLE wider when you speak, and always say "your Majesty."'
Mistress Dale, also, can go with her husband and be company for the Queen's page.
Besides, the good Queen's warrant and ring would have answered for them, as indeed it did at the gates of London.
"That is to say, whom you do not like," returned the queen.
"You see, cardinal," replied the queen, "that your enemies are mine."
"And you are certain that the queen and he did not see each other?"
"I believe the queen to have too high a sense of her duty, sire."
Meantime the queen went home to her glass, and shook with rage when she read the very same answer as before; and she said, 'Snowdrop shall die, if it cost me my life.' So she went by herself into her chamber, and got ready a poisoned apple: the outside looked very rosy and tempting, but whoever tasted it was sure to die.
Then they said, 'The old woman was the queen herself; take care another time, and let no one in when we are away.'
The following night the elder lady dreamt that she saw the Good Queen, who said, 'Do not weep any longer but follow my directions.
At these words the sleeper awoke, and lost no time in rising and hurrying to the garden, where she found all as the Good Queen had described.
At this speech the King's brows drew together blackly, and he turned to the Queen. "Is this true?" said he sternly.