Queen's English

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(The) Queen's English

"Official" British English. He can't even speak The Queen's English! Despicable!
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the ˌKing’s/ˌQueen’s ˈEnglish

(old-fashioned or humorous) (in Britain) correct standard English: I can’t understand a word you’re saying. Can’t you speak the Queen’s English?
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Using artificial intelligence to correct and predict words as they are typed and to mark the Queen's 60-year reign, SwiftKey have released the Queen's English
Fortunately, Lake Superior State Unversity annually provides a list of the current generation of cliches--what it calls its "List of Words Banished from the Queen's English for Media and General Uselessness.
Slang terms and pronunciations provide American listeners with another side of "the Queen's English.
For example, English is the first language in both cities, but the dissimilarities in American and the Queen's English often make it difficult for either to understand the other.
BRITISH firms are being urged to cash in on a massive export trade - the Queen's English.
My e-mail response to colleague Andree suggested he consider emulating the style of the Royal Bank of Canada's Letter, which is distributed hugely as a public relations device and faithfully follows the Queen's English.
We plan to offer a broad range of our Queen's English products and an extensive ROLODEX(R) Electronics product line.
This is a highly intentional black futurism, signaled by catch-phrases like "dreams and imagination" dropped into the maelstrom: on top, DJs like JB deliver a stream of consciousness in the dizzying verbal mix of Jamaican patois, local accents (here, deep cockney), mocking Queen's English and American rap - quite literally, shape-shifting for survival.
Obsessed with speaKing and writing the Queen's English, she would thinK nothing of posting bacK to a mortified young woman her Kindly sent letter ringed with red underlining.
8220;Keema” Bouyer|The Queen's English PR| keema@queensenglishpr.
The sheer audacity of someone in a meeting in Wales, to demand that the so-called Queen's English be spoken
Sorry, I wanted to try to and appeal to a wider range of multicultural supporters but since this is my first column I will stick to good old Queen's English, apologies if it is hard to understand if you're of the Newcastle persuasion.
London, June 5 ( ANI ): The Queen's English society has announced that it will cease to exist at the end of this month as no one cares about speaking proper English language anymore.
Long acknowledged as the international language of business, new research now shows that speaking the Queen's English in the region could help provide life's crowning achievements.
However, he of course doesn't speak the Queen's English to which you are so accustomed and his coarse language has hurt your very sensitive ears which I am sure are not accustomed to such crass language.