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An initialism of quod erat demonstratum (Latin for "what was to be demonstrated"), formally used at the conclusion of mathematical or philosophical proofs. In everyday speech and writing, it is used to emphasize that something proves a particular point or opinion. If the company's profits have gone up while their operating costs have gone down, then they have the money to pay their employees a better wage, Q.E.D.


that is what I wanted to prove and I have proved it: He can’t have done it. The bank was robbed at 6.30 and he was with me at the time. QED.This is an abbreviation of a Latin phrase, quod erat demonstrandum, meaning which was to be demonstrated.
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Mosley admitted in his guilty plea that he concealed his fraud scheme by altering the documents that were sent to SIH's accounts payable department in support of the QED invoices.
The Euler-Heisenberg Lagrangian ("EHL") is the one-loop QED effective Lagrangian for a constant external field.
Kuperman and QED Benchmark Management neither admitted nor denied the SEC's charges but agreed to the settlement.
Broadridge said that QED complements the front and back office solutions that it currently provides to the global asset management community including; portfolio management, data and analytics, revenue and expense management, trade processing and shareholder communication solutions.
Environmental Pump Solutions operations have relocated to QED's Dexter, Michigan facility, and key EPS employees will continue to lead this part of the business.
The book has been written by Ben Haest, M.Sc.Eng., Managing Director of QED and is the result of many years of practical experience and training vibration test engineers.
Dr Mohammed Ali, chief executive of QED, who was among the commissioners, said: "It's a great honour to launch this UK roadshow here in 'Little Pakistan' before it continues to Manchester, London, Cambridge and other parts of the world.
A clear indication of the relative effect of QED compared to QCD is seen in the case of pions: [[pi].sup.+] and [[pi].sup.-] both have mass 139.6 MeV, while the neutral pion [[pi].sup.0] has a mass of 135 MeV.
Renormalization techniques of perturbation theory are used to calculate temperature dependence of renormalization constants of QED (quantum electrodynamics) at finite temperatures [1-11].
On October 14, only two bidders had submitted their techno-commercial proposal in a single stage two envelope process, which saw ETPL gaining a technical score above the threshold limit as per vetting of their technical proposal by a third party international consultant, QED (It is pertinent to mention that QED in previous LNG rounds was approved by our competitors who cited no objection.)
Among the implementation of hardware design for quantum computing such as cavity QED, ion trap, nuclear magnetic resonance, quantum dots, and superconducting systems [1], cavity QED is one of the most promising schemes because the basic interaction within cavity QED is the vacuum Rabi oscillation and the strong coupling of cavity field and atom allows atom-photon system to maintain good quantum coherence within the time scale of the kinetic characteristics.
The Brighton Housing Trust and developer QED are to submit a planning application to the local city council for a central site featuring the modified containers with allotments on the roofs.
Indie sales vet Bill Block has been active since Cannes, when Media Content Capital took a substantial stake in his shingle QED Intl., setting the stage for expansion of Block's 6-year-old production, finance and international sales company.
Oakland, CA, September 25, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Trial By Fire Solutions, a leading eClinical solution provider specializing in clinical study management applications, today announced that QED Clinical Services Limited, a specialty Contract Research Organization (CRO) based in the United Kingdom, has selected SimpleCTMS to broaden and enhance their portfolio of clinical services.
Eric Luttio, President and CEO of Kaleidoscope, commented, "Joining the QED Connect organization will give us greater resources to implement our roll out of the central dish rooftop technology and Kaleidoscope Digital Media Systems.