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meat puppet

1. Some useless, irrelevant, or inconsequential person. Who the hell do you think you are to criticize me? You've never done anything meaningful in your life—your just a damn meat puppet! I hate commuting on the train to work with all the other meat puppets in this city.
2. vulgar slang A penis. My last roommate used to walk around in the nude, with his meat puppet hanging out and everything!
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sock puppet

A social media account in which one misrepresents their identity, usually to appear as another person who agrees with the views or comments expressed through their main account. The name refers to a type of hand puppet, in which a sock is fitted over the hand. After some time, it was discovered that the CEO had several sock puppet Twitter accounts, which he used to rave about his business and drive customers to his site. It didn't take long until sock puppets overran the thread with controversial posts that were all very similar to each other in tone and style. I'm skeptical of these 200 glowing reviews—I bet they're all by sock puppets.
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meat puppet

1. n. the penis. Stop scratching your meat puppet!
2. n. a TV announcer; a talking head on television. These documentaries are just one meat puppet after another.
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It is clear so far that a number of factors such as new needs, demands and opportunities in the market, and the aspirations of certain institutions such as the NTO, could have influenced the application of puppets as predominantly children's entertainment in South Africa.
In a nod to the Queen's favourite pooch, one uniformed driver was spotted waving a Corgi puppet out of the window as he drove through Windsor en route to the nearby races.
Children along with parents are invited to attend the puppet show in free.
Prop Store chief executive Stephen Lane said: "We're thrilled to be offering such a fantastic selection of puppets from the legendary British television series Spitting Image.
There are also the lovable bunch of animal puppets - Andhokzz the Chicken, DD Gandang Ibon the Ostrich, Santiago the Parrot, and Gonzo, the high technology animatronic monkey puppet.
Heis the winner of many international puppet festivals.
Other highlights of the 2018 Yunlin International Puppet Theater Festival will be shows presented by puppet troupes from the UK, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Serbia, as well as a puppetry competition involving ten teams from Taiwan.
The puppets co-exist alongside humans, but they are an oppressed and picked-upon minority group.
I've been interested in puppets since the 1960s, when I watched a TV show that featured Jim Henson explaining puppetry as an art form--from building them to performing with them.
"As a puppeteer, the joy came when I handed the puppets to Lindsey [Noel Whiting] and Samuel.
Keywords: Wayang Kulit; puppets; shadows; puppeteers; human motion; Laban Movement Analysis (LMA).
Karen Konnerth, founder and artistic director of the Los Angeles-based Calliope Puppets, who creates puppets and performs with live voice, visited Oman last week to train select groups of school teachers, from the government and private sector, to use puppetry as a tool for creative learning.
Our teacher at the club was a Mr George Smivvers, a diamond geezer, who actually looked like a puppet, he taught us how to make puppets and stage plays.
The other puppets in Trinidad's troupe are Ligaya, her male counterpart Totoy Tawa, the dog Hasya (the Hindi word for laughter), Lola Joy and Lolo Isaac.