pull yourself together

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pull (oneself) together

To calm oneself down and begin to think or act appropriately. I know you're stressed out, but you need to pull yourself together and get this report done! I hope she pulls herself together soon. We need her to be focused.
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pull yourself together

recover control of your emotions.
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pull yourself toˈgether

bring your feelings under control and start acting normally; stop feeling sorry for yourself: I know she’s upset but it’s time for her to pull herself together and stop crying. OPPOSITE: go (all) to pieces
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pull oneself together, to

To regain command of oneself. The image conveyed by this term is of someone who has “fallen apart” and must be put back together bit by bit. A related term is to pull oneself up by the bootstraps, meaning to improve one’s lot by making a singular effort. The analogy here is to pulling on long boots by means of the straps or loops attached to them at the top, which requires a considerable effort. This term dates from the turn of the twentieth century (although bootstraps by then were far from commonplace). The metaphor gained currency in the late 1950s and early 1960s through Operation Bootstrap, a U.S. policy designed to help Puerto Rico gain economic viability by providing “bootstraps” (in the form of American mainland industry establishing factories there) whereby the island could “pull itself up.”
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Pull yourself together, If you''re a pair of curtains, Otherwise respect your infinite inner authority, Stop getting taken for a ride
Simon Pearce reached another landmark as he shed his 5lb claim with his win on Curtains for the brilliantly named The Pull Yourself Together Partnership in the 7f three-year-old handicap.
Pull yourself together Mr Downes, some of us try to appear composed under pressure and not boo-hoo all over the place.
So my advice to you is simple: pull yourself together and embrace the stomach-turning, nausea-inducing, disgusting direling you have for a mum.
Jenny Winter Pull yourself together Shirley love, you're letting the side down.
The blend of the two leaves you in a position where you have the experience to come back from a 5-0 drubbing, you have to do everything you can to put that behind you, and to use the interim period to reboot a bit, to pull yourself together.
It's not easy to pull yourself together after that but it says a lot about his character.
But you pull yourself together, you have got to do that.
Pull yourself together while you still have time to save face.
Now pull yourself together, Brian, and get in that bathroom and get ready for school.
He says, 'Come on, put your clothes on and pull yourself together.
Star performance Talimos - impressive, even if he beat little because of the flop of favourite Entreat Quote of the day "It's not a great name but it lends itself to jokes about being well drawn today" - the Pull Yourself Together Partnership after Curtain's success Which filly looks an interesting prospect for handicaps?
All I want to do now is shake him a bit and shout: ' Stop your whining, man, and pull yourself together
Coronation Street's Liz McDonald glared at her screen son and snapped at him: "Just pull yourself together Steve.