pull (one's) chain

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pull (one's) chain

To tease one, often by trying to convince them of something that isn't true. Quit pulling my chain, I know there isn't a Hollywood director calling me right now. I love pulling my sister's chain—it's almost too easy to fool her.
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pull someone's chain

1. Make someone speak out of turn, as in Who pulled your chain?-It's none of your business. [1920s]
2. Make someone angry, especially deliberately, as in Teenagers really know how to pull their parents' chains. [c. 1960] Both usages allude to the literal sense of chain-pulling, that is, "causing someone to do something, as though activated by a chain."
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pull someone's chain


yank someone's chain

If you pull someone's chain or yank their chain, you tease them about something, for example by telling them something which is not true. I glared at her, and she smiled. When would I learn to smarten up and ignore her when she pulled my chain? Note: The image here is of someone teasing a dog by pulling the chain that it is tied up with.
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pull (or yank) someone's chain

tease someone, especially by leading them to believe something that isn't true. US informal
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pull someone’s chain

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Cllr Steve Rotheram, Labour spokesperson for Leisure, Sport and Culture on Liverpool City Council, writes in response to the Brocklebank column: "Further to the Brocklebank column (August 2) and his attempts to pull my chain, I have decided to respond in a similar vein.
Rally-goers also were given copies of Keith's latest CD, titled "Pull My Chain." He hit the country music scene with a boom in 1993 with the release of his debut CD, which scored three hits on the charts.