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clear (something) for publication

To confirm that something is ready to be published; to approve for publication. We need to clear this story for publication as soon as possible so we get it out there before any of our competitors.
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not for publication

Not to be shared, spread around, or talked about with anyone else. Look, this isn't for publication, but I heard there's going to be a round of layoffs next month. Jen and David are getting a divorce! No one else knows yet, so that isn't for publication.
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clear something for publication

to approve the release of something so it can be published. The government refused to clear the story for publication. I want to clear this for publication as soon as possible.
See also: clear, for, publication

not for publication

not to be talked about openly; secret. Please tell no one about this. It's not for publication. This report is not for publication, so keep it to yourself.
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With such emphasis being placed on publication in the T5 journals, one could surmise that these journals far exceed other journals in quality, which would not be an accurate assumption.
The title of the publications are Islam dan Teologi Pembebasan, The Road to Muhammad and Mutiara Sastera Ali: Edisi Surat and Aforisme.
Our stratified analysis according to institution shows discrepancy between the highest publication rate and the lowest mean IF, which highlights the important point that quantity and quality of publications are not necessarily related.
According to the results, Quaid-e-Azam University remained the top institutions with 717 publications while University of Agriculture (Faisalabad) with 524 publications and Agha Khan University (Karachi) with 521 publications secured second and third positions respectively.
The search with key word "Oman" yielded such publications because the name Oman appeared in the publications.
The software program used by the majority of these journalism school publications was Aldus PageMaker (74%), followed by MacDraw/MacPrint (49%), Quark Xpress (44 %), Adobe Illustrator (34%), and Ready-Set-Go (8%) (Frangoulis, 1993).
Wylie offers tips on writing for organizational publications, layout, budgeting and scheduling, and includes examples of award-winning case studies.
In a statement, QHI President/CEO Stephen Stoneburn said the deal "supports our goal of taking our successful publishing and medical education business model into new market segments." Quadrant Healthcom's journal portfolio now consists of 13 medical publications reaching an audience of over 500,000 physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants each month.
Duplicate submission or redundant publication of a similar data set is considered unethical.
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Services offered by the Society (founded 1896) include: more than 200 technical publications; technical and management committee participation; annual Casting Congress and triennial CastExpo; reference library with information retrieval and abstract service; technical field services; industry research; supervisory training; marketing assistance; organization of grass-roots lobbying efforts; and annual issues/action conferences.
Bethesda, Maryland-based Letter Publications Inc., a publisher of several newsletters in the criminal justice field, recently acquired Criminal Justice Funding Report from Congressional Digest Corp., also of Bethesda.
FARM JOURNAL, has been selected as one of the nation's top 25 business publications by BtoB Media Business, the magazine for business publishing executives.
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