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clear (something) for publication

To confirm that something is ready to be published; to approve for publication. We need to clear this story for publication as soon as possible so we get it out there before any of our competitors.
See also: clear, publication

clear something for publication

to approve the release of something so it can be published. The government refused to clear the story for publication. I want to clear this for publication as soon as possible.
See also: clear, publication

not for publication

not to be talked about openly; secret. Please tell no one about this. It's not for publication. This report is not for publication, so keep it to yourself.
See also: not, publication
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Duplicate submission or redundant publication of a similar data set is considered unethical.
Services available through the Association include the distribution of various technical publications (see below) as well as the promotion of titanium in industrial, commercial and aerospace applications.
To be listed in the ranks along with publications like Fortune, Forbes and The Wall Street Journal is, indeed, high praise," said Sr VP of Editorial Sonja Hillgren.
The School Counselor was in publication from the early 1950s and Elementary School Guidance Journal was in publication from the 1960s; a prior journal, Elementary Counselor, was in publication 1953-1954 (Ulrich's Periodicals Directory, 2004).
Finally, submission prior to publication will make it easier for referees to access the data confidentially, facilitating the review and publication process.
Separate subscriptions for the two publications will be available starting with the January 2004 issue of the Statistical Supplement.
He thinks The Industry Standard was a great little publication that could and should have been saved, and would have been saved if the bean counters at IDG hadn't hewn to their own agendas.
If you have a hodge-podge of publications in one company, and you think you'll be better able to sell them if you group them all together by publication type, this ruling will let you do it without catastrophic tax consequences, Engel says.
The publication is designed for a broad range of readers, from students to CEOs, and its main goal is to provide solutions useful to them at every level of their careers, from student to retiree.
That became the BNA model: expensive, ad-free publications focusing long and deep on public policy issues that affect business.
Advise the university prime study group coordinators on the marketing and dissemination of IRI publications.
His notes form a useful introduction to bibliographic and textual studies on individual manuscripts or writers as well as to the existing work on the implications of scribal and print publication.
The same questions of copyright ownership remain in the electronic environment as exist for print publications.
These titles complement Wiley's collection of controlled-circulation publications in the life and physical sciences, particularly in the United States, where it expands our reach into dynamic and growing markets," said Vickie Thaw, Vice President and Publisher, John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
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