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the promised land

A place, destination, or goal eagerly sought under the belief that it will bring success, happiness, or fulfilment. The phrase comes from the Biblical description of Canaan, the land promised to the Israelites. You gotta move out West, dude. It's the promised land out here. We close this deal and we reach the promised land, partner.
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the promised ˈland

a place or situation in which people expect to find happiness, wealth, freedom etc: For millions of people in Europe, the USA was seen as the promised land.The Prime Minister’s speech seemed to suggest that we had already reached the promised land.This expression comes from the Bible and refers to the land that God promised the Israelites.
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promised land, the

A place or time of ultimate happiness; paradise or heaven. The term comes from the Bible, in which God promises the land of Canaan to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and their descendants (Genesis 12:7). Later, the name became attached to the Holy Land (“The land of repromission, that men calles the Holy Land,” Sir John Maundeville, Travels, ca. 1400), and still later it was extended to any place viewed as wonderful (“To all these exiled sects America was the land of promise,” William Hepworth Dixon, William Penn, 1851) as well as to heaven. In modern times Israel is often called the promised land for Jews.
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If anything reflected a "promised land" ideal, it was the view of some incoming settlers that they would find or create a new social order in the West.
Jewish Life in the Industrial Promised Land 1855-2005 by Nora Faires and Nancy Hanflik moves beyond the ubiquitous images of abandoned buildings and closed department stores to provide a unique glimpse of Flint's often invisible Jewish community.
Filled with highly substantive and fully documented quotations from a wide variety of perspectives and resources, Whose Promised Land? is a trustworthy and balanced handbook.
Childhood in the Promised Land: Working-Class Movements and the Colonies de Vacances in France, 1880-1960.
Meanwhile, Hanway, the sales arm of producer Jeremy Thomas' Recorded Picture Co., has picked up two low-budget movies currently in production --"Land of Plenty," directed by Wenders, and "Promised Land Hotel," directed by Gitai.
But all the posturing aside, what tape did General Stormin' Norman Schwarzkopf crank to get the troops ready to meet the Promised Land?
"One major incentive to organized crime," he observed, "is the high NewYork City cigarette taxes, piled on top of the state tax, which have made that city the promised land for cigarette bootleggers." Taking inflation into account, the tax when Wilson spoke was less than half what it is now.
Moses led his people to the promised land although he never set foot there himself.
The head of the British Transport Police yesterday claimed the 'promised land' of a truly racially diverse force will never be realised because of the changing demands of society.
Both teams had cleared a path and were pointing out the Promised Land to him.
Legitimate or not, Jackson's attack on black filmmakers doesn't gets us any closer to the promised land. Worse yet, the dispute overshadows more relevant issues.
It was written in the form of Moses' farewell address to Israel shortly before his death and the subsequent movement of the Hebrew tribes into the Promised Land. The passage considered here continues from Moses' address to Israel in the last chapters of Numbers.
The Promised Land? Feminist Writing in the German Democratic Republic.
We are told 'Thou shalt not kill', yet God brought about 'Fire and brimstone' and even death upon those being led into the promised land by Moses.
Bryson, Queen Jeanne and the Promised Land: Dynasty, Homeland, Religion and Violence in Sixteenth-Century France