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Procrustean bed

A situation or place that someone is forced into, often violently. In Greek mythology, the giant Procrustes would capture people and then stretch or cut off their limbs to make them fit into his bed. This new law creates a Procrustean bed designed to get those people deemed undesirable by the local government to move out of the neighborhood.
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Procrustean solution

The forceful, unnatural manipulation of someone or something to fit a rigid set of conditions or requirements. In Greek mythology, the giant Procrustes would capture people and then stretch or cut off their limbs to make them fit into his bed. While in theory the idea of raising the minimum wage to a certain threshold for every business in the country seems like a positive, it is really a Procrustean solution that forces conformity to an impossible standard on many businesses that simply cannot afford to acquiesce.

a Procrustean bed

something designed to produce conformity by unnatural or violent means.
In Greek mythology, Procrustes was a robber who tied his victims to a bed, either stretching or cutting off their legs in order to to make them fit it.
1998 Spectator Intellectuals often employ their intellects for foolish purposes, forcing facts onto a Procrustean bed of theory.
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Procrustean solution

Adjusting the facts to suit the situation. In Greek mythology, Procrustes (his name meant “stretcher”) lived in a roadside house in which he invited travelers for a meal and a night's rest. The guests stayed in a bed whose length, according to Procrustes, exactly matched anyone who slept in it. And it did—after the host stretched a smaller guest on a rack or chopped the legs off a taller guest until he fit the bed. This practice ended only when the hero Theseus killed Procrustes by giving him a dose of his own medicine. Someone who alters the facts by, for example, overestimating or underreporting data is said to offer a Procrustean solution.
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PROTEST: A PROcrustean randomization TEST of community environment concordance.
To her credit, Howe does not try to fit the peculiar saint into this or any other Procrustean bed.
Once again, it is the avoidance of Procrustean ideological templates that furnishes the dynamism of the conservative's vision.
The Procrustean bed of physics tells us that such expansion comes at the price of penetration.
The problem is not so much the flaws of this book, but what it shows of the current preference for grand theses in which major scholars fit everything into a procrustean bed.
While the book, "A Whole New World: Great Insights into Transformation & Fulfillment-The Gospel of John," gives the appearance that it is going to help the reader work through the Gospel of John, and give a greater grasp of the Gospel and how it personally applies, instead the book is more of a reflection on the author's preconceived mold into which the chosen texts are made to fit like a Procrustean bed.
The whole enterprise also has something Procrustean about it.
These limits do not, however, constitute a Procrustean bed for scholars consulting the dictionary, because the editors have conceived this as an open-ended forum for scholarly exchange, through a "Corrigenda and Addenda" section appended to volumes two (pp.
If Possible Scotlands errs on the side of selectivity and over-emphasis, it is because it has a good case, and there is plenty of room to make up in countering those critics who have--and this is amply demonstrated--trimmed Scott on a Procrustean bed to suit a predetermined agenda.
But the balance of the book is a procrustean effort to identify Old Mexico's indisputably Portuguese crypto-Jews as modern New Mexico's indisputably Spanish founding fathers.
Kircher is nonetheless too careful a reader to trap his humanist writers in a Procrustean bed of resistance to clerical teaching.
At times, to be sure, Honold pursues his thesis a bit too single-mindedly, as in his almost routine identification of Holderlin's many 'Feste' with French revolutionary celebrations, and his Procrustean bed causes him to ignore aspects of poems taken as a whole, especially the longer elegies and hymns.
Biographers often present procrustean interpretations of O'Keeffe's works to suit their needs.
Every conservative position from cutting taxes to cutting down old-growth forests is stuffed willy-nilly into his Procrustean bed, and too often the results are transparently strained and implausible.
To stuff these unwritten books into one is procrustean.