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(as) happy as a prince

obsolete Very joyful and contented. Your love is enough to make me as happy as a prince. I was happy as a prince in my sitting room surrounded by my three beautiful children. I've been happy as a prince ever since we moved to the countryside.
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be (as) happy as a prince

obsolete To be very joyful and contented. I would be as happy as a prince if I knew you loved me as I love you. I was happy as a prince in my sitting room surrounded by my three beautiful children.
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fit for a prince

So excellent, luxurious, or exemplary as to be worthy of someone with the highest standards (such as a prince). Whoa, look at this gorgeous suite—it's fit for a prince! This spread is a feast fit for a prince!
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Hamlet without the prince

An event that happens despite the absence of a key player. Hamlet, the titular character of Shakespeare's play, is the prince of Denmark. The phrase originated from this very occurrence: a performance of Hamlet that took place without the actor who was to play Hamlet. Oh, we couldn't have a party without you—that would be like Hamlet without the prince!
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live like a king

To have a luxurious lifestyle, in which one's every need or desire is satisfied. Typically said of or by a man. The pirate retired with so many riches that he lived like a king for the rest of his years, purchasing every comfort he could imagine. The cost of living is so much lower in Spain that we could live like kings there.
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live like a prince

To have a luxurious lifestyle, in which one's every need or desire is satisfied. Typically said of or by a boy or young man. The pirate retired with so many riches that he lived like a prince for the rest of his years, purchasing every comfort he could imagine. The cost of living is so much lower in Spain that we could live like princes there.
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Prince Albert

slang A genital piercing through the underside of the glans penis (the head of the penis). When he told me what a Prince Albert was, a shudder went all the way up my spine. My boyfriend really wants to get a Prince Albert for his birthday.
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Prince Charming

The (hypothetical) perfect man who has all of the traits that one (usually a woman) wants in a romantic partner. I'd almost given up hope of ever finding my own Prince Charming before I met you!
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prince of the blood

noun Someone, especially a male, with direct hereditary lineage to a monarch. Being a prince of the blood, he knew his actions and behavior would be scrutinized at every stage of his life. The police said they would not investigate a prince of the blood under any circumstances.
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the crown prince of (something)

1. Literally, the male heir apparent to a sovereign throne. Usually capitalized as a proper title. The country is celebrating the birth of the King and Queen's son Ferdinand, the Crown Prince of Norway.
2. A boy or man who is seen as an embodiment of or luminary in his field, as due to his talent or success. The rapper has come to be known in the underground music scene as the crown prince of hip-hop.
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live like a king

Also, live like a prince. Enjoy a lavish style of living, as in He spared no expense, preferring to live like a king as long as he could, or Since they got their inheritance, the Andersons are living like princes. This expression continues to be used despite the much smaller role royalty plays in the present day. [Mid-1500s]
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live like a king

If someone lives like a king, they have a very luxurious lifestyle. Although he lives like a king, he manages it without causing resentment. Company executives lived like kings and were paid millions of dollars each.
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Hamlet without the prince

a performance or event taking place without the principal actor.
The phrase comes from an account given in the Morning Post of September 1775 . The member of a theatrical company who was to play Hamlet in a production of Shakespeare's play ran off with an innkeeper's daughter before the performance; when the play was announced to the audience, they were told ‘the part of Hamlet [was] to be left out, for that night’.
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prince (or princess) of the blood

a man (or woman) who is a prince (or princess) by right of their royal descent.
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live like a ˈking

live in very comfortable surroundings, enjoying all the advantages of being rich: In this luxury resort, you can live like a king.One day we’ll be rich, and you and I will live like kings.
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ˌPrince ˈCharming

(usually humorous) a man who seems to be a perfect boyfriend or husband because he is attractive, kind, etc: I’m still waiting for my Prince Charming!
This expression refers to a character in fairy tales such as Cinderella.
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Prince Albert

n. cannabis in general, especially marijuana sold or transported in a Prince Albert pipe tobacco can. (From the 1960s, but still heard.) Where can I get a can of Prince Albert?
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live like a prince, to

To live extremely well, in lavish circumstances. This simile dates from the sixteenth century and has somehow outlived the days when royalty was preeminent in wealth and position. It is still used just as Samuel Pepys did in his Diary in 1660: “We came to Sir W. Batten’s, where he lives like a prince.”
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References in classic literature ?
He had already spent several months in this condition when the Prince of the Air whirled her away, to the grief and despair of every man on the island.
Everything around was rare and beautiful, but the Prince scarcely raised his eyes to all these wonders.
Unknown to herself the Invisible Prince had followed her, but fearing to be discovered by the Princess in the presence of others, he made up his mind to wait quietly till dark; and employed the long hours in writing a poem to the Princess, which he laid on the bed beside her.
At the first words of the Count de Guiche, the prince, having in mind the direction whence came the sound of cannon, had understood everything.
Now, as these questions involved matters of gravest consequence, it was these to which the prince had especially desired an answer, exact, precise, positive.
"Prince, I wish to place myself in a respectable position--I wish to esteem myself--and to--"
The prince brought out his "copy-book sentence" in the firm belief that it would produce a good effect.
"On the contrary, Prince," Lady Grace exclaimed, "you shall ride her, and I am going to back you for all I am worth."
"Perhaps," the Duke suggested diffidently, "you would like to ride over, Prince? It is a good eleven miles, and you would have a chance of getting into your stride."
When the moon rose he flew back to the Happy Prince. "Have you any commissions for Egypt?" he cried; "I am just starting."
"Swallow, Swallow, little Swallow," said the Prince, "far away across the city I see a young man in a garret.
"Ah, Prince! In what sad circumstances we meet again!
Prince Vasili stared at her and at Boris questioningly and perplexed.
If it may serve to mitigate the liberty I have taken I will add that I am Prince Michael, heir to the throne of the Electorate of Valleluna.
The young man looked up brightly at the Prince. Brightly, but the perpendicular line of perplexity between his brows was not smoothed away.