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A pretty pickle, truly, thought I; abed here in a strange house in the broad day, with a cannibal and a tomahawk!
We had a lot of fun chatting with Joe and Jacob Anderson (who plays Unsullied commander Grey Worm) because they seemed genuinely happy sharing their thoughts about the show, comparing notes-and ribbing each other when they found themselves in a pretty pickle over a potentially controversial answer.
And he got himself into a pretty pickle as he pondered what kind of evening it would be for England and Everton goalkeeper Jordan Pickford: "You don't want him to do anything, really.
The Trump administration put itself in a pretty pickle when it decided to send the deal to the Congress.
American game laws are not quite as specific as they might be when such a pretty pickle comes to pass.
Tony Blair might reflect on the fact that Cherie would have been in a pretty pickle without it.
Take the former England captain out of the equation and, as goalkeeper Shay Given suggested a fortnight ago, the Geordies would be in a pretty pickle.
As part of a super package deal, it seems you were also on the receiving end of the clarity of vision of a bashful ostrich, the self-restraint of a rutting pig and the calmness in a crisis of a chicken that has recently parted company with its head - and you've ended up in a pretty pickle all round.