precious little

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precious little

1. adjective Not much; scant. (Used solely with uncountable nouns; "precious few" is used with plural countable nouns.) There's precious little evidence connecting him to the crime, but the prosecution is adamant that he's their man. We've had precious little information about the deal, so rumors are flying around the office at the moment.
2. noun A very small amount (of something). We still know precious little about who might be involved with the attack. There's been precious little in the way of details about the trade deal being struck between the two countries.
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precious little


precious few

If you say that there is precious little of something, you mean that there is very little of it, and that it would be better if there were more. The banks have had precious little to celebrate recently. Note: Precious few is used before plural nouns with the same meaning. Precious few homebuyers will notice any reduction in their monthly repayments.
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precious little (or few)

extremely little (or few).
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precious ˈfew/ˈlittle

(informal) very few/little: There are precious few places round here where you can get good Indian food.
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The giant van der Voort has gone on to make finals and earn stacks of cash while van Gerwen, despite being hyped to the hilt, has done precious little.
The billions he has poured into the banking system may have been necessary, but we can see precious little evidence that many jobs have been directly secured or created as a result - even though the consequences of a major bank crash may be too horrific to contemplate.
The clock is running on Nineveh, and the people have precious little time to repent before the entire city will be destroyed.
For another, the President has said precious little on what he believes a "reformed" Tax Code should look like, and hence, little effort has been expended to mobilize key constituencies (such as particular industries) to embrace tax reform.
So Hakim stood his ground, not budging on the new constitution, which gives the Shiites enormous power in the south, the Kurds enormous power in the north, and the Sunnis precious little.
But there is precious little evidence that any of them understand the concerns of north west voters who are fed up with New Labour, distrusting of the Liberal Democrats, but feel they have nowhere else to cast their vote.
Some Democrats are trying to attract a bigger share of K Street's attention despite having precious little of the only currency K Street recognizes: power.
Somehow there is endless space caught up among those branches but precious little around them.
Yes, there is one document called the Constitution--but we would be foolish to pretend that there are not two radically different views of that document and precious little common ground between them.
Agencies that serve abused children hold bake sales to fund their centers, five in fear every year of appropriated funds being cut and losing their jobs, work 60 hours a week while being paid for 30, and carry the sorrow of the bruised and battered bodies of these precious little children so that the rest of society can sleep soundly at night.
There is precious little that can be done to increase the archipelago's land mass, and the government, through a combination of tax reform and carefully targeted infrastructure investment, can do little to leverage real estate spending in order to help lead the country out of its economic malaise.
As one arts leader said recently, "In a business where there is precious little 'fat' to cut (if any), we're moving beyond cutting to the bone to lopping off limbs.
The moral of the story is that, without political support, stepped up oversight from regulators means precious little for depositors.
Parrott argues that these manuals tended to offer less practical advice than conscious emulation of classical models, and he adds that there is precious little evidence to demonstrate that any French commanders attempted to put the teachings in the manuals into practice.