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pot luck

1. A situation or circumstance in which the outcome is uncertain but where one takes a chance in the hopes of achieving a fortunate or beneficial end result. (Used especially in the phrase "take pot luck.") I like to just take pot luck when I travel to new cities and try out whatever local establishments I happen upon. I love going into old antique stores. I know finding something worthwhile is just a bit of pot luck, but it's fun to see all the old things they have!
2. (More often "potluck.") A shared meal in which separate dishes are prepared and/or brought by different individuals; the food that is brought to such a meal. Primarily heard in US. Sarah and I are hosting a pot luck this Saturday, and you are both welcome to join us! Just bring something that we can all share! Potluck dinners are a great way for neighbors or groups of friends to spend time together or get to know each other better. We're just asking guests to bring a bit of pot-luck, nothing fancy!
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take potluck

Come to eat whatever happens to be served; also, take one's chances. For example, You're welcome to join us for supper but you'll have to take potluck, or When the flight was canceled, passengers had to take potluck on other airlines. This idiom alludes to accepting whatever happens to be in the cooking pot. [Second half of 1700s]
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Potlucks can be built around a specific or ethnic theme or a special occasion like a holiday, birthday, reunion, graduation or tailgate party or picnic.
Yes, even though they were accomplished professionals and slick postchic L's, they were intimidated by our little potluck.
Eugene cookbook author Maryana Vollstedt continues her string of successes for San Francisco-based Chronicle Books with "The Big Book of Potluck.
According to a recent national consumer survey* conducted by the American Dietetic Association and the ConAgra Foods Foundation, the majority of diners will participate in buffet-style (70 percent) or potluck (55 percent) gatherings this holiday season.
Ninety-seven percent of Americans feel there are benefits to participating in potluck meals with family, including that potlucks are "less expensive than going out.
It's been a long time since I've been to a potluck I miss them.
The idea sprang from a Friendly neighborhood potluck in late December, when residents talked about their concerns about U.
Today's potlucks are not just for church suppers and school meetings, but for many occasions including reunions, barbecues, tailgate parties, couple parties, bridge club parties, family dinners, house warmings, picnics, gourmet clubs, birthday and holiday dinners - any social gathering where food is served.
Also nominated was Eleanor Pella, already known around the VRG office as an outgoing dietitian who holds vegetarian potlucks and a vegetarian support group at her hospital.
He's especially fond of potlucks because he grew up with them in Fall River, Mass.
The club features two to four events every week including at-home potlucks, game nights, mixers, eat-outs, seminars and special bus trips that are booked in advance.
The dishes are not trendy: ranging from carrot-and-Jell-O salad to pasta casseroles and other familiar culinary landmarks of childhood supper tables and church potlucks.
He hosted occasional cul-de-sac parties and joined his neighbors in frequent potlucks.
May, who also stays with a host family, looks forward to the weekly potlucks.
Chilaquiles and Noodle Bake are popular dishes that Annette Markell takes to potlucks.