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in potentia

Contained within a state of unrealized potential. I do feel like we have a revolutionary product in potentia, we just need the time and resources to make it the best it can be. The same dramatic pathos is there in potentia in the author's early novels, but you can tell the writing wasn't quite strong enough to do it justice yet. The ability to be successful lies in us all, at least in potentia.
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scientia potentia est

A Latin phrase meaning "knowledge is power." Renaissance scholar Sir Francis Bacon is usually credited with popularizing the phrase. A successful life starts with a good education—after all, scientia potentia est.
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According to the terms of the deal with Potentia Renewables, Goldwind will continue to provide the projects with long-term maintenance services and a warranty package designed to support the project's operations.
(63) The poet, also working in the Augustinian tradition, and apparently influenced by the mechanics of shifting perspectives that inform the late medieval formulations of potentia absoluta and potentia ordinata, arrives at a vision of soteriology that brings him very close to what would later become Luther's conception of man by similarly positing an absolute epistemological gulf between the earthly and heavenly perspectives on the matter, and by highlighting the change in perspective brought about by the Incarnation.
Hardt is attempting to think affect beyond subjectivity, and to instead focus on the potentia that emerges when bodies come together.
These data provide "proof of concept that we can develop long-acting steroids that have real potentia for changing how we might manage knee OA," said Dr.
total of seven ships namely C.V Maersk Hart For, M.V sea Potentia, M.V
Meanwhile three more ships M.V CF Potentia, C.V Maersk Hart Fort and M.T Silver Minika with Containers, project cargo and diesel oil also arrived at outer anchorage of Port Qasim during the same day.
Estos intermediarios ocultos de la ecuacion que hacen encadenar finalmente libertad y esclavitud, cuando esa no parecia ser su funcion, podemos encuadrarlos, de una manera deleuzeana-spinozista en, por un lado, la cuestion del <<lugar>>, y, por otro, la diferencia entre poder (potestas) y potencia (potentia); diferencia que el mismo Spinoza--quien plantea la pregunta--ofrece para poder acercarnos a esta compleja ecuacion en la que nos va la vida.
However, there exists significant downside risk from both the vulnerability of the economy to shocks due to a reliance on external financing, the growing concerns over the domestic political situation and the potentia l for security threats to spill over from neighbouring Syria.
THE Latin aphorism "scientia potentia est" translated as "knowledge is power", spans history and culture.
Seijo in turn said he would focus on increasing capacity and market growth: "The TCL Group has huge potentia. My immediate job is to tap into all our resources--essentially to mobilize the skills of our workforce against a backdrop of improved operational efficiencies and prudent investments to ensure a sustainable future."
M2 PHARMA-November 24, 2014-Apellis Pharmaceuticals to acquire Potentia Pharmaceuticals
The summit will bring together the Data Community's brightest minds to push the boundaries of current thinking and discuss how data is fueling the next generation of technological innovation Participants of the event would learn about the latest trends strategies and best practices on how to harness this potentia by transforming fragmented un predictable raw data into consolidated highquality actionable information from any source any technology at any latency and drive more business in 2015 and beyond.