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Potemkin village

Something that is made to seem very grand, elaborate, and/or prosperous for the purposes of impressing others, but which in reality has no real worth or substance. Taken from a story about Russian minister Grigory Potemkin (1739–1791), who allegedly erected false, painted façades to mimic a thriving, successful village along the Dnieper River in Crimea to impress the visiting Empress Catherine II. The tightly controlled totalitarian country is often accused of creating a Potemkin village each time it televises some event, a meager attempt to convince the outside world that its people are happy under the thumb of the dictatorship.
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a Potemkin village

a sham or unreal thing.
Count Potemkin ( 1739–91 ), a favourite of Empress Catherine II of Russia, reputedly ordered a number of fake villages to be built for the empress's tour of the Crimea in 1787 .
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Oleg Potemkin is an award-winning sales associate who has been in real estate since 2002 and specializes in the Hawaii luxury real estate market.
Rather than trace their well-known analyses, I would like to return to Eisenstein's quote from Immoral Memories and ask if we can find similar uses of iconography in Battleship Potemkin, the other film he specifically mentions as exhibiting his passion for Orthodox imagery and tradition.
Putin insists on staging a Potemkin vote that no serious observer outside of Russia can regard as credible -- an exercise that resembles the ostentatiously fake elections that Soviet satellite regimes used to hold in places such as East Germany, where Mr.
Hazlett, formerly chief economist at the FCC, believes consumers are best served by "real competition, not government-sponsored Potemkin competition.
IT HAS BECOME A COMMONPLACE TO SAY THAT New York is no longer hospitable to artists, that Chelsea is a sort of Potemkin village fronting for a city whose economic realities make it increasingly difficult to keep a practice going, and whose Disneyfied ambiance provides diminishing incentive to try.
Our public school systems are littered with Potemkin Villages labeled "schools of the future.
In the meantime, the Bush administration gets a Potemkin victory in the war on terror.
But the director also talks about the great Russian filmmaker Sergei Eisenstein's 1925 ``Battleship Potemkin.
Potemkin won the race but Channon's jockey, Chris Catlin, was adamant that his mount would have prevailed but for the trouble.
Except for the ending, it then looked just like the prints of Mother, Potemkin, Storm over Asia and the other Russian classics I'd grown up with at the Vancouver Film Society.
The following Fairway Stakes brings together some very useful three-year- olds, especially Potemkin (3.
The time Putin spends abroad is the foreign policy equivalent of a Potemkin Village.
Then came the two Jesse Jackson Potemkin insurgencies for the Democratic nomination.
Senior vice president Pete Potemkin brokered a 2,680 square-foot lease in.