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1. n. something astonishing. (Alludes to the comical view of eyes bulging outward in surprise or amazement.) What an eye-popper of a story!
2. n. a very good-looking woman or girl. Isn’t that foxy lady an eye-popper?

lid proppers

and lid poppers
n. amphetamine tablets or capsules. (Drugs. Refers to the eyelids.) Kelly has to have a couple of lid proppers each morning.
See also: lid

lid poppers

See also: lid, popper


and popper and pill-dropper
n. anyone who takes pills frequently or habitually. I knew she was always ill, but I didn’t know she was a pill-dropper. He’s not a hypochondriac, just a pill-dropper.




1. and popsie n. an ampoule of amyl nitrite, a drug that is inhaled when the ampoule is broken. (Drugs. Often plural.) You got any popsies I can have?
2. Go to pill-popper.
3. n. a handgun. (Underworld. From the sound of a gunshot.) He carries his popper under his coat.
4. n. a can of beer (in a pop-top can). You ready for another popper, Tom?


and skull-popper
1. n. a difficult course in school or college. The course was a skull-buster, and I had to drop it.
2. n. a police officer. (Refers to the striking of skulls.) Two skull-poppers came up and started asking questions.


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Either way works with poppers as long as you have the right gear.
However, by the time Popper came to work on the problems of Erkenntnislehrer, epistemology had undergone a thorough naturalization, and integration into the latest evolutionary thought.
In addition, many home electric poppers operate 75-100 degrees colder than the stovetop popper and "puff pop" the corn, producing popcorn that's half-popped and chewy.
He said an added problem over controlling sales is that stores selling party poppers often are not ones which sell age-restricted products - so many staff are unaware of the legislation.
Mr Stewart said: "We had an incident at the school last week which led to three third-year pupils being excluded for using poppers.
Popper, a land-use planner at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, N.
Because poppers typically outweigh streamers, you'll cast them better if tied to a stout bite tippet.
The BMJ paper said a 52-year-old man first noticed central visual blurring and metamorphosia after inhaling alkyl nitrates, commonly known as poppers, for the first time when clubbing.
Mr Addy, who has produced the drug for the past 35 years, says he decided to talk after gay Tory MP Crispin Blunt, a former prisons minister, gained nationwide attention by admitting in a Commons debate he used poppers - a drug that enjoys legendary popularity with gay men.
The half-used bottle of poppers was sticky and the Rush label was a knockoff, as it clearly didn't feature the caped superhero icon.
Poppers 75 Pontcanna Street, Cardiff CF11 9HS 029 2034 2568
PARTY poppers and Christmas crackers are being seized from holidaymakers because they are classed as explosives.
The starter munchies plate consists of a couple of mozzarella sticks, two chicken tenders, a quartet of spicy chicken wings, two jalapeno poppers and a couple of potato skins plus ranch and marinara dipping sauces.
The GMTV star and mum of one admitted taking poppers - amyl nitrate - but stopped when it sent her "loopy".