poor little rich girl/boy/kid

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poor little rich girl/boy/kid

A sarcastic and unsympathetic label for someone, especially a young person, who has access to vast wealth but is discontent at a spiritual or existential level. During the interview, the young billionaire CEO gave a tearful account about not having any meaningful relationships, the poor little rich girl. He's just another poor little rich boy desperately looking for attention because mommy and daddy are too busy earning money to play with him. The film centers around these poor little rich kids wandering around New York City, trying to find meaning in the world.
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poor little rich girl (or boy)

a wealthy young person whose money brings them no contentment (often used as an expression of mock sympathy).
‘Poor Little Rich Girl’ was the title of a 1925 song by Noel Coward .
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poor little rich girl

Unhappy heiress. In contrast to Job's turkey, the subject of this phrase wants for nothing—except emotional support. The original “poor little rich girl” was socialite Barbara Hutton, heiress to the Woolworth (“Five and Dime” stores) and E. F. Hutton investment banking fortunes. She had a lonely childhood, seven failed— and in many cases, exploitive—marriages, and died a broken (and nearly broke) woman at age sixty-six. The phrase has been applied to other women whose lives were sad in spite (or perhaps because of inherited wealth).
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The poor little rich girls on Bravo Television's reality show, Real Housewives of Orange County , are taking turns in going down the financially troubled route, even as the Desperate Housewives stars seem to be raking in the money.
Also starred in TV series Poor Little Rich Girls. 2005: Mike Gibbons.
Melissa grew up in a five-bedroom home with her late dad Bruce, who died 10 years ago, mum Sue, and sisters, Abi and Rosie and last year she and Roger starred in ITV's Poor Little Rich Girls, the reality TV show which saw Melissa swap places with a hard-up girl called Amelia, who lived in a council flat on a tough council estate in east London.
Both poor little rich girls, forever mourning mothers they'll never know but forced to live in the shadow of their notoriety.
Sassy, who earns pounds 3,000 a night as a DJ and pounds 1,000 for a half day's modelling, quit her glamorous life in London for gritty Manchester on ITV1's Poor Little Rich Girls.
Would like to forget: Her stint on Poor Little Rich Girls TV show when she had to wax a client's bikini line.
Poor little rich girls Sadie (Nicholle Tom), Tracy (Tricia Dickson) and Mary (Aimee Graham) have their own needs for escapism.
Poor little rich girls, pushy parents, the Wizard of Oz notion of lost Dorothys trying to find their way back home ...
Melissa Baxter has already been featured on ITV in a series called Poor Little Rich Girls.
She had swapped lives with skint cleaner Michelle McManus - no, not the one from Pop Idol - for reality TV show Poor Little Rich Girls, with Katie starring as the rich one.
Lea didn't come back from her Poor Little Rich Girls stint bragging of what money can bring.
Before the single, and subsequent album, Control Freaks, gets released, the band will be the subject of a one-hour ITV1 reality swap show, Poor Little Rich Girls, in which Lea trades places with young lady of leisure, Charley.
A pal of the Poor Little Rich Girls "star" tells us she was planning to wear the garment to club owner Mark Fuller's birthday party at London's Embassy - but she pulled out at the last minute.