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plumber's helper

A hand tool used to unclog a drain, especially a toilet, consisting of a long wooden or plastic handle with a rubber suction cup at one end (i.e., a "plunger.") Randy, the toilet is overflowing in the upstairs bathroom again! Go get the plumber's helper from underneath the kitchen sink. A plumber's helper should be one of the very first purchases you make when moving into a new home.

plumber’s smile

and working man’s smile
n. the upper part of the gluteal cleft (crack sense 1) visible above the beltline of a man, bent over at work. I came into the kitchen and was greeted by a plumber’s smile owned by some guy working under the sink. She referred to the overexposure of his rear end over his belt as the “working man’s smile.”
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To discover more on the complete range of services offered by John the Plumber, please contact their office team directly today at 613-227-7465 or visit their business website directly at www.
A recent survey by Benjamin Franklin Plumbing found the majority of homeowners (65%) try to fix plumbing problems themselves rather than calling a licensed plumber.
Yet whatever the job, quality plumbers have extensive training and experience behind them to ensure the latest regulations and safety measures are met.
Alan, who has been a plumber for 31 years, is one of 10 finalists in the competition run by bath and shower manufacturers JT and Bristan.
Plumbers and pipefitters are critical to achieving green buildings.
The winner was Edinburgh plumber Michael Cairns, who says his workload has since increased tenfold - enough to put anyone off entering.
To become a qualified plumber you will need an industry-recognised qualification at level 2 or 3.
Washington, Oct 13 (ANI): Ohio man Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher, also known as 'Joe the Plumber,' is now considering to run for Congress, but it seems he is not receiving enough support from the members of his own plumbing community.
Four plumber charmed Russian people with their great performance with plumber materials.
It would seem to me that you can be rude to plumbers - at a distance - with impunity.
Ms Blackman-Woods said: "Chris did fantastically well to be given the award for best plumber in the country and his success is testament to his own dedication and hard work and New College where he studied.
James Wilsher, Luke Burridge, Adam Jones and Luke Frayling have qualified as part of the Green Plumbers of Wales programme.
Four Full Time Plumbers a secretary, four vans and a truck.
And indeed, plumbers are extremely important people in society.
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