plug in

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be plugged in

To be directly or very closely involved in, attuned to, or enthusiastic about some scene, setting, or environment. When it comes to the art scene, no one is more plugged in than my wife. I used to be a huge heavy metal fan, but I haven't really been plugged in since college. You have to be pretty plugged in to get ahead in the business world.
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plug in

1. To be able to be inserted into something else, as to function a certain way or draw an electrical charge. I think that piece plugs in over here. My new phone doesn't plug in at all—the battery is recharged wirelessly from a special dock.
2. To insert something in (to something else), as to achieve a certain function or draw an electrical charge. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "plug" and "in." I need to plug my phone in or the battery will die. Don't turn the power on until after you plug in the cartridge.
3. To connect to an online network or system. The airport offers free Wi-Fi if you want to plug in and get some work done before your flight. The update should begin automatically so long as your account remains plugged in.
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plug (oneself) in (to something)

to become attached to something; to become attached to some sort of network or system. As soon as I have plugged my laptop into the local network, I will have access to the Internet. I plugged myself into the computer network and began to communicate quickly and efficiently.
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plug in

1. To insert a part of some object into another, especially to make a mechanical or electrical connection: He plugged in the iron and waited for it to get hot. If you don't plug the phone in, you won't get any telephone calls.
2. To function by being mechanically or electrically connected to another object: That radio plugs in, but it can also run on batteries.
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plugged in

mod. excited by drugs; having to do with the drug culture; turned on. (Drugs.) That punker is plugged in, for sure.
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