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bit player

1. An actor with a small or insignificant part in a performance. I've been a professional actor for a few years now, but I've only been able to find work as a bit player in a couple of television shows.
2. By extension, a person with a minor, unimportant, or unimpressive role in something. This business is full of bit players who never advance in their careers.
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team player someone

who works well with the group; someone who is loyal to the group. Ted is a team player. I am sure that he will cooperate with us.
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the cards beat all the players

You can't win 'em all. A fatalistic phrase which tells us that destiny—in the form of a randomly shuffled deck of playing cards—has ultimately the upper hand, no matter how skillful a player might be.
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References in classic literature ?
But while the rehearsing and acting were going on the players received their food, and when it was all over they wound up with a great supper.
But it was Lady Lundie's turn to choose a second player on her side.
After a while hard times came to the gypsies, as they had come to the strolling players.
You can't be expected to appreciate the delicate strokes of play, the turns by which a game is lost and won--it takes an old player to do that; but the broad philosophy of football you can understand if you will.
Well, he is a plucky youngster, and will make a player," says Brooke.
The game was a long one, and I did give him some trouble: but he was a better player than I.
Thus the man, as well as the player, may condemn what he himself acts; nay, it is common to see vice sit as awkwardly on some men, as the character of Iago would on the honest face of Mr William Mills.
1 -- one week from today -- players that have been offered salary arbitration must notify the clubs whether they wish to accept, or decline and opt for free agency.
Club 2008-09 player of year awards: Minis: Under 8, manager Matthew Lewis: manager's player Declan Brookes; most improved player Harry Donithorne; players' player Ben Jones.
Players who use the top of their helmets to make a tackle, block, or otherwise strike opponents are at greatest risk for injury.
What has made Oaks Christian so special is the team's great players -- including star quarterback Jimmy Clausen, the nation's top recruit at any position -- combined with a group of top coaches led by head man Bill Redell.
And while game developers are now doing what they can to support those online clans, their efforts often have been a matter of catching up with what players already were arranging on their own.
As Chicagoans gathered outside the Cook County Courthouse on September 29, 1920 awaiting the departure of the White Sox players giving testimony about their role in throwing the 1919 World Series, a lone newsboy broke free from the crowd.
To ride the cutting edge of Web development, you'll need to take advantage of the latest Web browser plug-ins and players.
What concerns some physicians and researchers is that above and beyond accidental collisions, soccer players intentionally and repeatedly take blows to the head.