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bit player

1. An actor with a small or insignificant part in a performance. I've been a professional actor for a few years now, but I've only been able to find work as a bit player in a couple of television shows.
2. By extension, a person with a minor, unimportant, or unimpressive role in something. This business is full of bit players who never advance in their careers.
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the cards beat all the players

obsolete All who would try to win against chance or fate will inevitably lose. You know that doing that could get you killed! You've been lucky so far, but the cards beat all the players.
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team player someone

who works well with the group; someone who is loyal to the group. Ted is a team player. I am sure that he will cooperate with us.
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the cards beat all the players

You can't win 'em all. A fatalistic phrase which tells us that destiny—in the form of a randomly shuffled deck of playing cards—has ultimately the upper hand, no matter how skillful a player might be.
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Only seven other players have been honored as the conference player of the week three or more times in one season.
Players thrive on visual concepts and muscle memory.
One person is chosen to be the first caller; all other players choose partners.
Test your skills in categories of food, destinations, pop culture and much more with Getta Letter, a fast-thinking, letter-flipping category game where players race to determine the most words from A to Z in a particular category.
He also gets to the foul line like few other players.
The other offensive players must look to pass the ball quickly as the "shutoff" player (re)enters the field of play.
A good match between the developmental level, the physical condition of the players, and the requirements of the game is key to both safety and success in games play.
We believe that universal players will come to dominate the high-definition DVD player market," says Steve Wilson, the firm's principal analyst of consumer electronics.
Most Underpaid: For as regularly as Kirk Hinrich is mentioned as one of the NBA's most underrated players, Luol Deng was Chicago's most undervalued player last season.
Such drills can be very effectively used as breakdown drills by specific players, enabling them to work on their particular transition responsibilities both offensively and defensively.
Very young children can make a single change with three, four, six, or more changes being made by older, more adventurous players.
4 million times and proved players' desire to play against others across the country, Pool Pro Online II, builds on the success of Pool Pro Online by offering players a fully customizable experience, while maintaining backwards compatibility to the original game and its established player network.
If the coach is not confident in a player's ability to handle the basketball against pressure, then he or she instructs one or more players to secure possession of the ball in the backcourt.
Netball: Year seven - Players' Player Grace Brown, Player of the Year Maddie Taws; Year eight - Players' Player Alexis Waite, Player of the Year Lauren Dixon; Year nine - Players' Player Sarah Gourley, Player of the Year Lauren Gannie; Year 10 - Players' Player Taylor Hogg, Player of the Year Ellen Georgeson; Sixth Form - Players' Player Lauren Vincent, Player of the Year Morgan Ord.
1 -- one week from today -- players that have been offered salary arbitration must notify the clubs whether they wish to accept, or decline and opt for free agency.