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We use plastic products every day -- we drink from plastic water bottles, eat from plastic containers and use plastic packaging.
He said the largest number of single-use plastics are plastic shopping bags from supermarkets, shopping complexes and hypermarkets.
But the valuable characteristics of plastic, a low-cost non-reactive material with wide applicability, produce both misguided and justified fears about environmental impacts.
Because of the decline, recycling related requirements on some companies' bottle and container packaging could come into play unless the state is able to increase the plastic recycling rate to more than 25 percent by next year.
Because plastics are so diverse and are used in so many industries and types of products, they are affected by many regulations across the world.
"Because HPPC is glass-filled and the fibers are continuous, you don't get that sagging you used to get in the past," Buckmaster says, referring to the fact that historically large horizontal plastic panels have either been avoided or ribbed on the underside because of this tendency to sag.
Plastic bottles fare worse: While nearly 40 percent of PET plastic bottles were recycled in 1995, only about half that many--21.6 percent--were recycled in 2004, according to the National Association for PET Container Resources.
that metabolize the phthalates found in some plastic bottles correlate with later birth and growth outcomes.
As I sipped from my ceramic cup and saucer over the next few minutes, I considered the implications for a restaurant that doesn't make styrofoam, plastic, or paper cups an option for customers.
Although there are a number of commercially-available computer programs for modeling pelletized plastics extrusion, which can be of great utility in screw design, the cost of the software and the effort and expense required to obtain the numerous compound flow and frictional variables necessary to run the programs tend to deter many processors, particularly the smaller ones.
PLASTICS THAT CONDUCT Before the 1970s, plastics' closest association with electricity was as the insulation around electrical wires.
Understanding what kind of waste makes it into our landfills can help us answer the paper versus plastic question.
The Internet-based Prospector Web database has for many years been a source for tabular data on the physical, mechanical, and agency data on more than 35,000 thermoplastic, thermoset, elastomer, and compounded resins that provides plastics professionals with the information required to make more sound materials-selection decisions.
Plastics are polymers that mainly come from substances derived from natural gas and petroleum.
In early July, the city of Los Angeles was about to approve the use of Optiflex, a new kind of plastic pipe, in residential and commercial construction.
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